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Commonly interviews only focus on tough questions for interview preparation and forget about few important things. Some questions become stumble for job seeker if interviewer asks questions from the left field. Job seekers only focus on the most common questions for interview preparation and when they face some unexpected questions they get confused. Job seeker needs to make a list of all expected questions to plan for best interview answers ahead of time to get ready answer for all interview questions with confidence.

  1. Mention Your Weakness:

This is most dreadful question by interviewer and that need a clever answer. Handle this question by reducing your weakness and highlighting your strengths. Don’t mark your personal weakness and strengths just answer by focusing your professional characters as I always try to learn more skill to overcome my professional weakness or I’m improving my communication skills.

  1. Why Should We Appoint You For This Job?

At this question you can link your skill, qualification and professional career with your answer. To give satisfying and impressive answer you need to go through with job description and company culture to answer about what are your main objectives for this job. You have to prove interviewer with your answer that how can play an important part as team player.

  1. Why Did you Resign For Your Last Job?

If you are jobless then you can answer by giving reason of leaving job with positive perspective. “The company managed many rounds for downsizing the workforce and third round included me”.

And if you are still working at any company then you can answer by focusing your expectations from new company as if you are not satisfied with your salary package by the company where you are working right now.

  1. What Is Your Salary Expectation From US?

Well salary debates are very sensitive and delicate matter in your interviews. If you can avoid to come on this topic then you should really avoid this discussion till the right time come. It is better to research about the standard salary package for this expecting job post or you can make rough estimation what should be your earning. Another way to avoid this question by questioning back this question to the interviewer that “what kind of wages does this job post deserve”

  1. What Is Your Biggest Achievement In Your Professional Career?

Although interviewer has your resume and complete qualification details on the table but still if he/she asks you this questions then choose the biggest achievement from your professional career. At this point you can emphasize on your main professional strength to illustrate that how much you have potential to give your best to this company and this job position if you get hired.

  1. Three Things That Your Boss Would Say About You?

Interviewer will ask this question if you are currently doing job at any company. You can say your boss’s quotes at your old performance at this question. Well this is not easy to sing your own praises with someone else’s words so, you can answer this question with limited words as I got compliment by my old boss on annual year meeting that he is happy with my creative skills and I’m one the best graphic designer in his creative team.

  1. What You Make Unique For Our Company?

Here an impressive answer can give you plus point in your interview. You have to focus on your professional skills and working experience to summary of these details in your answer. You can emphasize on your major achievement in your professional career to convince the interviewer that you are the best for this job post.

  1. What Are Your Future Goals?

If you are questioned about your future goal then it is good to share your short term and near future goals here and don’t try to sketch your long term future goals in from of interviewers. For example you can answer that I want to get good working experience in public dealing and communications skill by getting job in well standing company and my long terms goals will go with my professional growth with the company.

  1. Why Do You Want To Get This Job?

Your answer will indicate your right intentions for sending your resume, interview will judge from your answer that you are not just sending out your CV because there is vacancy. To give impressive answer for this question you have to research about the company and its motives. You can answer as “I’m in search of right place where I can get professional working environment to grow my professional skills”.

  1. Which Animal You Choose To Be?

Some interviewer may ask you some strange question to judge by some physiological questions like to check how fast you can think. Interviewer can ask you which animal you want like to be. This sudden question can make your confuse but be ready for some instant questions too to give clever answers. You can answer these questions in friendly way like if you say I want to be Lion any further interviewer may ask you why? Be prepared with a logical answer.