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Jamba Juice is an American retailer restaurant which has been operating in more than 26 states. Operations of the restaurant are spread over 800 different locations in the country. Its head quarter is in California and the business has also been extended to Canada, Mexico, Philippines and South Korea. Jamba Juice offers you the jobs at different positions like General Manager, Leaders of different shifts, Team Member, assistant Manager, General Manager, Cook and Cashier etc.

Description of the Jobs

Employees at Jamba Juice are assigned different responsibilities like a cashier’s main job is to handle all the transactions with honesty. A cook’s responsibilities include to know about the availability of required stock, taking care of the cleanliness of the kitchen etc. A shift leader’s main duty is to open and close the restaurant and maintain relationship with the other employees and must behave with them like a leader. This does not mean to get rude with them as this would to more employee turnover. Creating and maintaining positive relationship with the customers is the most important part of the job at almost every designation. A manager must be interactive and have the ability to help others without disliking his duty. Customers must leave the restaurant with satisfaction regarding the food and services. Other duties include hiring and training workers, reporting sales and inventory numbers to corporate officials, and supervising store operations.

How to Apply Online?

  • To apply online, you can visit the career portal of Jamba Juice which is given bellow. Here company has provided the opportunity to everyone to apply for different job positions online.
  • At this career page, an orange button of “Job Listings” which will take you to the page at which different categories will be shown in which jobs are opened.
  • There will be three different categories, Support Management & Regional Management, Store Management and Team Members. You can click on any of the categories to see the job positions available at different locations. You can select a location which is nearest to you.
  • After the selection of the job position, in the next page, you can apply for the job by clicking on the option of “Apply for this job online”.
  • Further steps will be followed by creating a Log In and resume will be uploaded. An online form will be opened by clicking on the “Create with online form” button. This form will have to be filled in which you will create your username and password and submit it.
  • After that you need to upload your CV and provide his personal information in the next steps.
  • You can either submit your profile or you can leave it and come back later to apply at some other time by selecting the option of “Finish Later”.


The employees with no experience get the minimum wage up to $8.75 an hour. Experienced workers earn $9 per hour Shift leads who has the duty to take the responsibility of the supervisory persons get $10.75 per hour. Employees at the management level have the salary of $12.25 an hour and the general managers due to his experience and strong position get annual pay which is around $50,000.


With the salaries, the employees at Jamba Juice also get some benefits which include;

  • Discounts on Smoothies and other items on the menu
  • Excellent compensation plan
  • Life insurance plan
  • Retirement plan
  • Disability plan
  • Educational assistance
  • Quarterly bonus plans
  • Monthly performance bonus plans

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