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Blue Cross Blue Shield Company is dedicated to protect and strengthen its brands to impress their customers. BCBS is providing equal opportunity to employees and fresher. We evaluate qualified candidates without regard to sex, national origin, race, disability, color and veteran status. BCBS are providing comprehensive benefits and incentives to eligible workers to enhance the morale of employees. Proper accommodation is provided by company to disable employees.

If you are interested to work at Blue Cross Blue Shield then you need to visit career platform on given below URL Link. Refine your search by specifying category, location and keyword of job which will help to retrieve all available open positions. Select any job of your interest and apply for it online through online application system. For more details read stated below steps of instructions.

Explore Career With BCBS

Recently, few open positions at BCBS are stated below, you need to go through over these jobs and select any one according to your skills and expertise.

  1. Vice President Claims
  2. Principal Mathematical Modeler
  3. Provider Contracting Senior Executive
  4. Director, Dental Product Manager
  5. Program Director Medicare Advantage

How To Find Job ?

You must have following things in hand before applying for job at BCBS.

  1. You are required to have a personal computer or mobile phone or any other related device.
  2. You need to have an internet connection available on computer device.
  3. You should have a profile on career platform.
  4. If you don’t have an account you need to have your resume in hand which will help to create an account on spot.

Step by Step Instructions:

Follow stated below set of instructions to find job online.

  1. First of all you have to open a website of BCBS on given URL link
  2. Access home page of website and find a button which is labeled as “Apply to BCBS Jobs” located at the bottom of web page.
  3. This click will take you to a new window where you are supposed to provide few details.
  4. Enter keyword of your job in marked field of text.
  5. Select your location where you want to do this job from given list of countries.
  6. Select the category in which you want to start your career.
  7. Once you have selected all the information click on button of “Search” to procced further.
  8. You will be taken to list of available jobs. You have to select your dream jobs from given positions by reviewing all jobs one by one.
  9. Select any one job and read complete detail of job regarding specification, qualification and nature of job
  10. If you find it feasible click on button of “Apply” to submit your application
  11. In order to finish this process, you need to log in to your profile of BCBS and if you don’t have an account then create your account on the spot.

Interview Questions

Some important questions are given below which will help you to prepare for interview.

  • Tell us something about yourself?
  • Can you handle complex personalities?
  • Give us an example of engaging in management of vendor?
  • What you do you like most and dislike most about your previous job?
  • Name a period when you were faced with conflict? how did you respond and how it affect you?
  • What do you think which thing is more important when working with a team?
  • Tell us about that time when you have made an error in job and what happened? What actions you took to resolve issue?
  • Tell us about those things which are not stated in resume?
  • Let us know what do you know about technology?
  • Name a time when you failed a tsk and what you did you do to fix it?
  • What is your past relevant experience?
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • What is the challenge which you have faced recently?
  • What are you looking up to for this company and culture?
  • Where do you see yourself in next five years?
  • Can you tell me about your work experience which relates to this job?
  • What professional changes you find in yourself which is difficult to adhere to?
  • What type of processes or tools you have built in your past roles?
  • What are your salaries expectations?
  • What do you want to know from us?

Annual Salaries:

The average Annual salary of Blue Cross blue shield ranges from $15,000 for the post of Human Resource Assistant and $200,000 annually for the post of Risk Analyst. For more details of Salaries you need to visit stated below Graph of Annual Salaries.

Job List Annual Salaries
Claims Processor $25,000 per year
Customer Advocate $30,095 per year
Customer Service $35,733 per year
Claims Examiner $26,733 per year
Customer Advocate II $32,000 per year
Claims Analyst $28,500 per year
Customer Service Representative II $35,370 per year
Data Entry $27,000 per year
Clerk $25,927 per year
Member Services Representative $32,000 per year
Customer Service Specialist $30,000 per year
Consultant $64,000 per year
Claims Specialist $35,000 per year
Business Analyst $60,000 per year


Blue Cross Blue Shield is providing number of benefits to their employees. These benefits are not included in package of salary. A list of benefits are given below

  1. Medical Insurance
  2. FSA Account
  3. Eye Insurance
  4. HAS Account
  5. Insurance of Life
  6. Mental Care and Health
  7. Medical and Retiree Health
  8. Employee Discount
  9. Employee Help Program
  10. Mobile Discount
  11. Company Socializing Events
  12. Diversity Plans
  13. Training of jobs
  14. Professional Progress
  15. Tuition Support

Blue Cross Blue Shield Review:

Blue Cross Blue Shield is employee oriented company with great place to work especially for those who believe that work and life balance is important in every aspect. Company is providing comprehensive benefits, effective management team which assist employees in their issues and introduce effective policies to promote company and morale of workers.