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You can locate different team member jobs by going to the official web portal and searching for the opportunities according to your professional as well as educational qualifications. The Burger King team consists of different team members such as:

  1. Cashier
  2. Cook
  3. Porter
  4. Managers of different levels
  5. Team leader
  6. Assistant manager and many more.

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Each of the team members has his/ her role and responsibility. Some of the responsibilities that are handed over to the team members are given below:

  1. Driving the trucks of Burger King in order to move stock from one place to another or to deliver the food items at the locations where their customers ordered
  2. Cooking the food items at Burger King outlets using the electrical equipment which is installed in the kitchens
  3. Assembling all the stock items in order to make it easy for other team members to have access to their desired items with which they will work
  4. Answering the calls of customers and taking care of their problems while offering the best casual dining environment at their outlets
  5. Training the lower staff and team members in order to perform different tasks
  6. Going through the safety measures in order to provide a clean environment as well as clean food items
  7. Some of the team members are responsible for handling heavy objects during the task and their shifting
  8. The job of team members can also include standing for long periods of time in order to greet the customers

Salary Packages Offered For The Employees:

Each of the team members is offered on competitive basis. The starting pay is generally not that high but increases with the gradual increase in the experience during working hours. The team members also get promoted to certain higher levels of management with the passage of time.

Employees may work part time or full time and extra shifts according to the availability of their time. Each shift consists of 3 to 8 hours per day. Some of the benefits offered by this company to its team members are given below:

  1. Retirement plans and medical plans to facilitate the living of employees
  2. Discount rates on food items and several other off rates on different Burger King items
  3. Promotional deals and discounts

Interview With A Crew Member:

Some of the questions that were asked from Burger King Crew Member are given as under:

  1. What are your duties as a team member at Burger King?

Answer: I have to clean the restaurant, clean the dishes in which food is offered and take the dishes from tables to the kitchen.

  1. How would you define the working environment?

Answer: The working environment is very informal and I can work on my own speed if I want. But the working speed intensifies in case if the number of customers increases at a time.

  1. How was the hiring and interviewing procedure?

Answer: The process was simple. I completed the application form and submitted it. The recruitment team asked me a few questions on the spot and I was hired.