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Cato Fashions presents its customers a number of designs of clothes for women. These dresses are offered at about 1000 stores that are operating in 32 different states of the United States of America and the company has an aim to spread its business all over the country. Customers can also use the official web page of this company which shop for different products offered by these outlets or use the “Store locator” option to look for the nearest outlets of this company. The company believes in the slogan “A new statement of style” which points to its aim of manufacturing and introducing latest items on regular basis.

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Careers At Cato Fashions:

The applicants can apply for the job openings at this company using the online portal or by submitting the application at the outlet of the company where you want to work. The candidates are short listed for the interviewing procedure within 1 or 2 weeks where they have to go through a series of questions asked by the hiring manager or a team of recruitment experts.

General Interview Questions:

Some of the questions that are asked during an interviewing process at this company are given in the sequence mentioned as under:

  1. How would you be beneficial to the company and why should we hire you?
  2. Introduce yourself and describe our personality traits for us.
  3. Do you have any past experience of working at this job position or a company of similar category?
  4. Have you ever handled a situation where any of the customers or team member was stealing something from the shop?
  5. How would you define excellent services for the customers?
  6. What would you bring to the company so that sales can be improved?

In addition to the above mentioned questions, candidates can also prepare for the personality tests conducted by the recruitment team. In these tests, the candidates are tested for their confidence, skills of speaking and polite manner in which they present a product for the customers.

Available Positions At This Company:

Some of the positions on which candidates are hired based on their performance in the interviews and educational as well as professional qualifications are mentioned below:

  1. Sales associate
  2. Assistant manager
  3. Store manager
  4. Training store manager
  5. District manager
  6. Vice president
  7. Regional vice president and many more.

The corporate departments in which you can apply for a job opening are real estate, store operations, information technology, E-commerce, distribution center, marketing, loss prevention, credit and many more.

Note that all the candidates must have an age of 18 years or more than that for applying for this job opening. The eligible candidates must also reside in the areas where these stores offer their services. For getting alerts regarding the job openings, you can also connect using different social media pages such as Twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and youtube.