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After proper considerations on the pros and cons (like benefits, job, salary and many others) of the offered job, one takes some decision to either accept it or reject it. In case the job is not suitable for the person then it is advisable to reject the job in the professional manner by sending the decline letter to company. In this article you will be told about how to write the decline job offer letter.

Instructions To Write The Decline Job Offer Letter:

  • Timing and Appropriate documentation: Make it a point to turn down the employment offer with the best possible letter, and that the letter is sent to the individual or individuals required at the appointed time. Make it a point not to spare the declining of the employment offer as a content record just or just as a voice call.
  • Address the general population: Beside that, before you send a record examining your declining of the offer, it would be a smart thought to really address the general population with whom you had cooperated and verbally educate them of your declination before it is put onto paper.
  • Be Forthcoming: There may be a few reasons why you don’t wish to join a specific organization and in this manner turn down a vocation offer. These reasons might be logistical, budgetary, or even absolutely proficient.
  • Continuously Keep Interchanges Line Open: In the corporate world, a standout amongst the most imperative parts of accomplishment is organizing. Keeping the right system open and putting the right individuals in your system will improve things significantly in your expert life.
  • Positive picture: Moreover, declining an occupation offer relies on upon the position to which you connected. On the off chance that you were offered work that was an extremely senior position, you would have met numerous more individuals than you had before foreseen.
  • Time span: Ensure that you educate them about your choice to decrease the employment offer well in time. A circumstance where you illuminate them a day or a week prior to you should join would not function admirably for your expert life. Make a point to advise the organization that you have rejected their occupation offer when you settle on a choice, furthermore make certain that you settle on the choice as quickly as time permits.

Format Of The Decline Job Offer Letter:

A decline Letter is actually a formal way to reject the job. It is withdrawal letter which consists of mostly three to five sentences. A proper format is somewhat like mentioned below:

  1. Mention the Position for which you are offered the job.
  2. Decline the offer.
  3. Good Wishes for searching note. (It is not required to mention the reasons that why you are not accepting this offer, simply be brief and clear with your agenda)

Sample Letter:

Date (11th May, 2016)

John Smith

Address (Hill Road Chicago, CA 0000)

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you so much for offering me the position of analytical Chemist in your firm. I regret that I have to decline your offer. Thank you for your precious time to interview me for this position. It was a great pleasure to meet both you and your team. I wish you all continuous success ahead.

Be well,

Levine Adam.

Common Mistakes In Writing Decline Job Letter:

  • Don’t Be Slow:

Once you have made the decision then don’t waste the time write the decline letter for jib offer. So that company can hire someone else and you also don’t hold up with the process.

  • Don’t Be Tactless:

It is advisable to let the manager know about either you were impressed by company or not and either you are accepting the proposal or not. You should be simpler avoiding the details of rejection.

  • Prevent Rudeness:

At present situation you might be having multiple opportunities but it is not necessary to be rude while declining the job offer as it might give you a draw back in future. Choose the suitable method and say thanks for interview and wish them for future success.

  • Avoid Being Long-Winded:

Keep it in mind that it is not the place to show your career achievements as the company already value your talent and accomplishments so keep your letter short and concise.

When And How Should I Send The Decline Job Offer Letter?

On the time you have decided that you are no longer some sort of interest in the offer then at that time write a letter to decline the offer either because you have another opportunity or you don’t want that position. After writing the letter in well professional manner you are supposed to send it to the hiring manager through email or post office.


  • Everyone is acquainted with the rule that disillusioning news ought to be tempered with positive explanations.
  • Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from negative dialect, which can make your letter sound inconsiderate or neglectful.
  • Enrolling and assessing potential workers is overwhelming and depleting for organizations as well, and a straightforward telephone call or letter can give them sureness. This will think about well you.
  • Rejected organizations might be future managers or associates, and they will recall your affability not far off.
  • Send a dismissal letter as quickly as time permits after your choice is made.
  • It’s generally a smart thought to send a composed dismissal letter, regardless of the fact that you have officially turned down the position via telephone.