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Dollar General offers a number of management level positions on its official website so that job seekers may apply here and get a job according to his/ her qualification. Some of the levels of management for which candidates can apply are given below:

  1. Associate manager
  2. Assistant manager
  3. Store manager

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Managers have a number of roles and responsibilities which are important to keep the stores operational. Some of their roles are:

  1. Supervision of the lower staff members in order t ensure whether they are working according to their specified schedule or not
  2. Providing assistance during the procedure of hiring different crew members
  3. Having a look at different financial operations and functions of the Dollar General outlets
  4. Taking notice of the complaints that customers have and ensuring that all of their queries and issues are answered in the correct manner
  5. Assistant managers are also responsible for answering the phone calls that are made by the customers or any other business related calls
  6. Scheduling different tasks as well as specifying duties for lower staff members and making schedules for them
  7. Making a communication bridge between other offices of Dollar General and the office in which the manager is working and discussing the overall performance of the store and team members

Salary Packages And Other Benefits:

Note that the jobs of managers can be allotted to the applicants who have an age of 18 years or more. Dollar General presents its customers a number of facilities which are mentioned in the sequence given below:

  1. Getting specified number of off hours or vacations for which the employees get paid by the company
  2. Getting a number of benefits using the retirement plans
  3. Medical facilities and health care programs
  4. Basic life insurance plans
  5. Discount on a number of products which are presented at the Dollar General shelves
  6. Off rates on the services provided to Dollar General

The managers are offered a pay starting from $9.00 and it may increase to $12.00 to $18.00 depending on the level of experience and performance of the managers. Note that these rates are applied for hourly basis.

Tips for the interviewing procedure:

Some of the tips that can prove to be effective while going for he interviewing procedure are given as under:

  1. The experts generally ask the candidates related to their criminal records, education qualifications, and previous experience
  2. You should have a presentable and well groomed personality so the recruitment team may get a good first impression
  3. Have a defined ethical point of view and make sure that you have a good reputation as a manager in the job market
  4. Have good leadership skills and be a good team player in order to have a good experience as a job and coordinate with your team members to perform different tasks efficiently
  5. Prove your reliability and convince the higher authorities that you can be trusted easily. Be honest and loyal to your job.