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At Dick’s Sporting Goods, we are striving to be driven and committed with skilled and passionate about every act that we do. This determination shows efforts of our members and quality of products and services which we offer to our customers. Being a number one sports and fitness specialty retailer we always focus on hiring the competent and even talented fresh graduates to utilize their skills and knowledge in practical environment.

We return the investment which our associates make for our success by providing dynamic place of work with great opportunities and incentives. company do make sure every year through annual benchmarking that either given benefits are as competitive as our employees and at the same as comprehensive as their knowledge and skills. So if you are interested to join our company being an employee then you are strongly welcome to explore your area of interest and apply for available job online.

How To Find a Job?

You are required to have following things in hand before applying for any job. You are required to have a computer system or laptop or any other similar device with powerful internet connection available on device. You need to have an account on career platform if you are not having any account you have register first for this purpose you need to keep a soft copy of resume in hand.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First of all you have to open a career website of Dicks sporting goods at
  2. Enter keyword of job in marked field which is located at the center of web page.
  3. Add your location in next text box which is positioned next to keyword. You have to add category of job from drop down menu.
  4. Select Business unit of your choice from given list and click on button of “Search” to retrieve all available positions.
  5. You would be redirected to list of available vacant positions that matches with your criteria of search.
  6. Now you have to check all positions one by one in order to select any job which suits you best in all terms.
  7. Once you have selected the job, read all description of job with great care after reading click on button of “Apply Now”
  8. You need to sign in to you profile account and submit job application but if you don’t have any account you need to click on button of “Register” to create your account first.

Important Interview Questions:

After getting interview call, you are required to start preparing for interview. Review all important and frequently asked questions to prepare for interview. Few questions are given below which will help you to get a quick review of interview questions.

  1. Give us your introduction in detail?
  2. What do you know about company?
  3. Why do you want to work here?
  4. How would you deal with an angry customer?
  5. Do you have command on MS Office?
  6. Name a time when you have missed a deadline?
  7. Tell me about a time where you gave a great customer services?
  8. Tell us about the time the where you have motivated somebody?
  9. What was your involvement in sports?
  10. Name a time when you showed leadership in any project?
  11. What are your hours of availability? Are you available on holidays and weekends?
  12. How many days a week does a worker work?
  13. Do you get trained first one on one or you like computer tutorial?
  14. Do you have a passion for any sports?
  15. When was a time when you failed to meet failed to meet a deadline? And what did you learn from it?
  16. What leadership roles have you been involved so far?
  17. What sports do you like?
  18. How have you encouraged someone in sports to go out and perform their task?
  19. What was the time when you have went above or beyond for customer?
  20. Name a time when you did somebody exceptional at work?
  21. Would you feel comfortable in promoting thing as credit card?

 Salaries Review:

The average Dick’s sporting Goods Annual salary ranges from $15,000 for the post of customer service Associate and $200,000 for the post of Developer. Furthermore, Graph of annual salaries are given below.

Job Title Annual Salaries
Retail Sales Associate $20,000
Customer Service Representative $20,000 
Apparel Associate $29,000 
Cashier $18,000 
Associate $17,000
Material Handler $30,000
Cashier/Sales $19,500
Customer Service Associate $25,000 
Administrative Assistant $30,000
Store Manager $74,000
Sales Lead $25,000
Pricing Coordinator $25,000
Hardliners Manager $46,000
Sales Representative $25,000
Fitness Trainer $30,000
Sales Support Representative $42,000
Department Manager $38,500
Senior Team Lead $24,000
Retail Assistant Manager $28,500 
General Manager $85,000 
Assistant Golf Professional $46,000
Assistance Manager $40,000 
Sales Leader $26,000
Team Leader $25,920 
Assistant Store Manager $48,000
Operations Manager $38,000
Merchandiser $78,000 
Manager $40,000 


Dick’s Sporting is providing lots of benefits with salary package to maintain the loyalty of employees. Some incentives are designed to increase the standard of personal and professional life of employees. All these benefits can be avail after being a part of company. Few benefits are listed below

  1. Company is offering Health Insurance program along with Health Saving Account
  2. Employees also get Dependent care facility with 401k plan
  3. Different leaves are allowed on the basis of emergency such as Maternity leaves, paternity Leaves and Family Medical leaves
  4. Tuition Assistance, Professional Assistance and various Training regarding jobs
  5. Other benefits includes Paid holiday with paid time off, Employee discount, Mobile phone discount and Legal Support program.


It is a popular company which is providing great career opportunities all over the year. Department of Administration is willing to call the duty to help all its workers. Company prefer all fresher’s to work with them and enhance their capabilities and utilize their skills in practical environment.