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Edward Jones are providing best personal approach to various businesses by handling face to face meetings between investors and financial Advisors. We believe in establishing long term relationship with clients and placing branch offices near to the place of investors. In order to establish offices to provide best services to our clients we offered various career opportunities as financial advisor, Headquarters professional and branch office administrator etc. In order to provide best services to our clients we are required highly competitive and expert candidates against every post.

Edward Jones is considered as best platform to start career as it is providing best salary packages along with other incentives so if you are interested to work here then apply for available positions today by following stated below procedure.

Explore Your Career:

Edward Jones are providing various departments with numerous vacancies in each department every year. Being a job-seeker you just have to select department of your choice according to your qualification and look up for relevant job. Few open positions are given below.

  1. Branch Administrator
  2. Financial Advisor
  3. Senior Branch Administrator
  4. Office Administrator
  5. Operation Specialist
  6. Customer Service Representative
  7. Team Leader
  8. Technician Specialist
  9. Human Resource Manager
  10. Assistant Manager

How To Apply For Jobs Through Career Portal?

In order to apply for job at Edward Jones you need to have following things in hand.

  1. You are supposed to have a personal computer or laptop or any other related device
  2. You must have reliable internet connection available on your system
  3. Keep your resume in hand

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. First of all you have to open website of Edward Jones career at
  2. Visit home page of website and find a link which is marked as “Explore our opportunities” which is located on right corner of webpage.
  3. You will find a head of “View Current openings” from where you have to select your career role. Let’s say you have selected an option of “Branch support”
  4. This click will take you to another window where you are supposed to provide relevant information.
  5. Enter Keyword search which will help to specify the nature of job along with department.
  6. In next step you have to copy your resume and paste it into next box which is marked as “Resume Search”
  7. Enter job number or any reference number of job in given blank.
  8. Select area of job along with your interest of full time or part time job.
  9. Specify your state in given list and click on button of “Search” which will take you to list of available positions.
  10. You just have to select your desired position and apply for it after signing in to your account.
  11. If you don’t have any account register yourself with career portal by following on-screen guides.

Important Interview Questions:

Once you have got an interview call start preparing for your interview. Few important questions are given below which were mostly asked by interviewer in Edward Jones.

  1. What do you know about Edward Jones?
  2. What is QE?
  3. How would event X impact interest rates?
  4. What are the recent interest rates in market?
  5. Tell me about yourself?
  6. Tell me about a time when you were forced to make strong but quick decision which would affect lot of people?
  7. Tell us about the time when something went wrong on your behalf? What did you do to resolve the issue?
  8. What is the success which you have experience in job place?
  9. Think of the time when you had to deal with difficult team member and how did you handle it?
  10. Name a time when you had to experience a failed project, why program was failed? If you were behind the failure then how did you correct the issues and what was the results?
  11. Describe a situation when you went out of your way to help customer. Why this was important to you?
  12. Why do you want to work for Edward Jones?
  13. What drives you to achieve your goals?
  14. Why do you want to work at Edward Jones?
  15. What makes you to do an internship here?
  16. Do you have any relevant work experience?
  17. Describe a time where you were in team and some major issues arose. How did you deal with them?
  18. Tell us about the time when you have found a mistake that someone else made in your workplace and what was its impact?
  19. What makes you a good Financial Advisor?
  20. What are the responsibilities of Financial Advisors?
  21. What are your salary expectations?
  22. Do you want to ask anything from us?

Edward Jones Salaries:

Edward Jones average salary ranges from $15000 annually for the post of Office Assistant and $89000 for the post of Team Leader. For more details you are required to follow stated below table of salaries.

Job Title Annual Salaries
Branch Administrator $31,822
Financial Advisor $50,000 
Senior Branch Administrator $40,000 
Office Administrator $33,600 
Office Assistant $32,000
Operation Specialist $41,000
Customer Service Representative $36,000 
Administrative Assistant $40,000 
Team Leader $58,000
Technical Specialist $50,000
Senior Specialist $53,000
Specialist II $40,000
Branch Manager $32,000

 Benefits And Reviews

Edward jones are providing various benefits associated with every department and stores. Everybody want to join a firm which encourages for both professional and personal development by providing numerous development opportunities and training sessions.

  1. Company is providing Insurance, health and wellness facilities.
  2. Financial and retirements plans are provided by organization to all employees.
  3. Family medical leaves and flexible working hours are provided by company.
  4. Vacation and paid time off is offered by Edward jones.
  5. Various employee discounts and assistance programs are initiated by company.
  6. Organization launched various professional support and training programs.

Edward Jones is considered as a company with great values and excellent training programs. They provides education with home office support through online courses. Excellent bonuses are available to motivate employees with other incentives and packages.