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Resume which presents the person himself is made in a way that would attract the interviewer. You should provide all the necessary information about you in the resume. Despite of changing in many things, still Resume is the most important thing which is considered for a job. It can be called an integral part of the entire process of hiring. People often do some common mistakes while preparing their resumes. These mistakes should be overcome otherwise you may lose your job despite of your competency for the job.

Grammatical Mistakes

There is no leniency for such mistakes anywhere in the world. These mistakes badly affects your image. Excess of punctuation use and spelling mistakes are very common. You must avoid such mistakes as this will never get you the job you apply having the resume with such errors.

Similar Resume

One of the mistakes which is done by most of the applicants is that they have the same resume which they use to apply for multiple job positions. Every employer has his own requirements and different job positions need different resumes so you should make the resume according to the job descriptions and it is also necessary to understand the demands of the employer.

Formatting Of The Resume

Formatting of the resume is necessary to make it look good but over formatting and using different styles is also not acceptable because it would distract the reader from the things which are important for the job. Common things like writing the entire text in same font size and the alignment of the pages etc. must be done as you should present it in a fine and efficient way.

Incorrect Information

Wrong information provided in the resume spoils your credibility. If you give a wrong number or false job titles are mentioned in the resume, they all can be traced and verified through your previous employer. Ultimately, you will not be able to succeed in the interview.

Dates Of The Previous Work Experience

Sometimes exacts are not mentioned on the resume regarding any older experience you had for the job. This creates a suspicious image of the applicant and employer thinks that the applicant is hiding something which he has not done right in the past. This is also one of the most common mistakes which job seekers do in their resumes and they have to lose that job opportunity in the end.

Avoid Objective Statements

These are the statements which show the interest of the job seeker himself. Rather than using such statement, employees should take the interest towards building the company’s value and show that he is focused mainly on the outcome of the company which will be obtained through his hard work.

Ambiguous Things

You should not mention ambiguous things in the resume. You should be mainly focused on the achievements you have made and mention them clearly rather than being vague. Otherwise employer would not understand your achievements and will not be much impressed which would allow him to dismiss you from the job.