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Food Lion employees are real asset of the company, that are endorsing their efforts day and night for the betterment of the company. Company needs new people in the company who want meaning full career to full different challenges and full of variety. Each worker contributes its effort and hard work to give success to the company. Food Lion has a unique connection with its employee to create strong bond with them. Company is rewarding bonuses and other incentives to the workers on their every hard work. It is providing professional development and full training services to all workers to improve their skills.

Why To Join Food Lion?

Company is attracting good talent to give them best working place where they can grow professionally and can get benefits and incentives. Food Lion is creating inspiring environment for the employees that they can never find anywhere else because company is providing them home like environment where they can perform their duties without feeling work pressure. Experts and seniors are always there to help new comer for seeking new talents and skills. Their training services help new people to understand their duties fully and they can ask job related question without hesitation to their instructors.

Explore Career Area:

If you are ready to get job here then first check out the career area to choose the position that fits for you here.

  • Grocery Associate
  • Produce Associate
  • Quality Assurance Associate
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Meat Cutter Trainee
  • DSD Receiver
  • Desk Agent

How To Apply Here For Job Online?

  • Use this link to access the page here you can get online application to apply here for the job.
  • Next, on the page see the side bar menu where you can click on the menu “Job” to see career areas.
  • You can click on the career area link to get more details about available jobs details under the career area.
  • After that you can search job by adding keyword, location and job ID to search the job here.
  • As you will click on the button “Search” button you will see the results.
  • You can click on any job link that you think is right for you.
  • By opening that link you can get details about the jobs and you can read the other detail and you can click on the button “Apply Now”
  • After that if you are already registered here you can login to your account to add your login details to apply for this job by filling online application.

Application Process:

You don’t need to keep on checking your email and mail box to check either to receive a interview letter or not, Company will response your after two to let you know either you are invited for interview call or not. You will get interview details in your letter to join the next step for hiring.

Important Interview Questions:

Here you can view all important questions to prepare your interview for the job. You should be fully prepared for all kinds of questions after getting interview letter.

  1. How you prove yourself as good food manager?
  2. Tell us about your job experience at your last job?
  3. Had you ever experience tough working environment?
  4. Two reasons to join our company?
  5. What is important to keep fresh quality of food?
  6. How would you check quality of food?
  7. What will your action if you find any bad quality food?
  8. Have you driving experience?
  9. Any hardest decision you made in your career?
  10. What if you have any clash with your manage here?

Salary Review:

Here you can review annual salary of food lion employee for different jobs.

Job List Annual Salaries
Cashier $18,000 
Customer Service Representative $20,000 
Deli Associate $19,000 
Office Assistant $18,000
Customer Service Manager $27,000 
Retail Sales Associate $17,160
Stocker $20,000
Front End Associate $20,000
Produce Associate $20,000 
Grocery Associate $20,000
Stocking Associate $22,000
Deli Manager $28,500
Store Manager $57,100
Cashier/Stocker $17,000
Grocery Manager $30,000
Order Picker $35,000
Meat Cutter $30,000
Front End Manager $22,000
Produce Manager $33,000

Employee Benefits:

Here you can find complete detail about other benefits and incentives beside salaries.

  • Mental Health Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Health & Wellness
  • Unpaid Extended Leave