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CVS Caremark is a retailer health company in United States which have more than 7800 CVS pharmacy and drugs stores. It has changed into CVS Health now and CVS Caremark is one of its business units. The headquarters of it is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, where its four business units are also headquartered. It started working in 1979 as Home Health Care of America and was headquartered in Irvine, California. It opened its first office in Beachwood, Ohio and the number of employees with which it began were four. CVS health is divided into four main strategic business units. These are

  • Pharmacy
  • minute clinic
  • Caremark
  • Specialty

Some drugs which you can take from the pharmacy under its benefit need authorization from the doctor who needs to tell the reason that why these drugs are being prescribed. The process is known as Prior Authorization. In case of prior authorization requirement, the pharmacist inform the patient or his doctor and then doctor has to give the authorization of the drugs.

Acceptance of the prior authorization can give the drugs which you require while if the prior authorization is not accepted, it will cost you the full amount of the drugs if you still want them otherwise your doctor can give any drug in replacement of the old one.

Criteria For Prior Authorization

Drugs which require prior authorization include those products that are commonly:

  • Concerned with overuse, misuse or off-label use
  • Those drugs which are limited to some specific kinds of patient
  • Subject to significant safety concerns
  • Those drugs which are used for condition which do not relate with the pharmacy benefit, such as cosmetic uses.
  • Those which are expensive and could be covered under the pharmacy benefits.

How To Get Authorization Form:

To download this form “Click Here

Caremark Prior Authorization for is divided into different categories.

  • First fart of the form consists of information about the patient. Patient’s information like his name, address, city, phone number, state, zip code, gender and date of birth are to be mentioned in this section of the form.
  • Second category is related to prescriber. The name of the prescriber, his address, office phone number, city state, zip code and fax number will be written in the particular boxes.
  • Below the patient’s and prescriber’s information area, you will be required to give information about diagnosis and medication.
  • You will provide the answers about the medication, its strength, quantity and frequency of its use and time which is expected to be required for the therapy.
  • If the therapy is not new and it is continuing, then it will also be told that how long it has been that patient is using that medication.
  • Other options of the section include diagnosis and its ID Code.
  • In the next part of the form, it will be asked that whether there were any other medications which the patient was using which had failed. If there were such medications, then those will be mentioned along with the reasons of their failure.
  • After that few more questions will be in the form which do not necessarily be related to your medication. If any of the questions relate to your medication, then check the boxes with concerned questions which are present with each question and give reply to them.
  • After the completion of the you can send it to the fax number 1-888-836-0730