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Jamba Juice which is an American restaurant, has been running around 8 stores All over the United States. Due to this large number of restaurants in different parts of the country, it has become a well -known brand where people can get a good chance of getting employment. Jamba Juice offers jobs at different positions for example Team Member, General Manager, Assistant Manager, Cashier and Cook. Interested candidates can apply either online by visiting the main website of Jamba Juice or directly visit the nearest restaurant and apply by proving the CV. People who apply by visiting the desired location mostly get the chance of interview on the spot.

Interview Details:

Normally, an interview at Jamba Juice may extent up to maximum 20 minutes. During the interview, interpersonal skills of the applicant are judged to see his ability that whether he can provide satisfactory services to the customers or not. Interviews at Jamba Juice are mostly based on questions about the personality of the applicants and their interests and their past experiences with the customers and about the future aim related to the career.

A person with the ability to describe himself in the best way will create a good impact on the interview or in other words the most important thing is how well a person can present himself. Entry level employees have mostly a single interview while for the management level jobs, more than one interviews are required for the hiring. Entry level employees are hired as part timers which can get the full time employment by spending some time at Jamba Juice and providing their services. Experienced applicants have more chances to be hired who are paid a good amount of salary including benefits related to discounts at Jamba Juice and other benefits like health and medical insurances and paid vacations etc.

Interview Questions:

  • What do you know about Jamba Juice?
  • Why did you apply for Jamba Juice? Why do you want to want here?
  • What are your long term goals?
  • How does Jamba Juice fit into your career plan?
  • How do you think you may be the best person to work for Jamba Juice?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is an antioxidant?
  • How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?
  • What kind of person you are?
  • Do you think you are enjoying your life?
  • Share your personal accomplishments which do you consider the most important.
  • Tell us about any adverse situation you even had to face. How did you come out of that situation?
  • Which items from our menu would you like for yourself and recommend to a customer?
  • Have you ever faced a customer with rude behavior? How do you deal with the customers like that?

Important Guides for the Interview:

  • Applicant must reach on time for the interview. IF he is late and does not reach at the scheduled time, he will lose chances of getting the job.
  • Business casual dressing should be done i-e dress pant with full sleeves shirt. Avoid T-shirts.
  • Allow the interviewer to complete his question. Do not interrupt.
  • Bring your resume with you.
  • Before going for the interview, search and learn something about the Jamba Juice which will make you confident to answer the questions at the interview and your chances for getting would be increased if you already have knowledge about the brand.
  • You should have smiley face and a lively attitude which shows that you will deal the customers with the pleasant behavior as well