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Whataburger is a U.S. based company which offers its customers a number of fast food items in its outlets. The restaurant has about 735 stores where you can enjoy different flavors of hamburgers, sandwiches, fish, French fries and many more food items. The restaurant initiated its business in the year 1950 and has a head quarter located in Texas, United States of America. It operates as a family owned business and has more than 22500 employees as recorded in the year 2012. The restaurant has more than 20 franchises located all over the country.

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Hiring Procedure At What A Burger:

What a Burger presents its customers the ability to apply on the online web portal of the restaurant by filling an application form and submitting it. This restaurant’s recruitment team shortlists the candidates having the specified set of qualifications and calls the short listed candidates for interview. There are three types of interviews that can be carried out during this procedure which are:

  1. The interviewing process may be carried out with the one on one format where a single candidate is interviewed by a single hiring manager.
  2. Group interviews in which a hiring manager or a team of hiring managers interviews a group of candidates.
  3. Interview taken by the panel of interviewers in which one or more candidates are questioned related to the job opening from a team of recruitment specialists.

Tips For Having Greater Chances Of Selection At What A Burger:

Some of the tips to perform better than other candidates during the interview are mentioned as under:

  1. Great communication skills for being able to speak the ideas that you have in mind.
  2. Being polite and straight forward while presenting yourself
  3. Dressing up for the interview in a professional and business-like manner
  4. Preparing yourself for the expected interview questions and knowledge related to the history of this restaurant.
  5. Greeting the interviewers at the start and end of the interviewing process.

Common Interview Questions:

In order to prepare for the interviews, you have to prepare for the interviewing process by going through the general questions that are asked during this process. Some of these questions are:

  1. What is the reason of selection of this restaurant as a working place for you instead of any other option?
  2. If you have to face a troublesome condition such as a fight between two workers or an angry/ complaining customer, what would be your reaction?
  3. What would be your course of action in case if you catch a colleague stealing from the restaurant’s property?
  4. Mention your qualities and unique abilities that make you different from other candidates.
  5. What are your weak points as an employee?
  6. How would you behave in case if you are handed over the role of a team leader at the company outlet along with a set of challenges? Do you think you have enough leadership qualities to manage the team?
  7. Can you perform your tasks as a team member as well?