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Bruster’s ice cream is a U.S. based chain of ice cream parlor that is known for its frozen yogurt and ice cream made up of milk. Ice creams are made daily in the stores therefore the customers get fresh ice creams and they do not have to face ice crystal formation in it.Bruster’s started its business in 1950 in Pittsburgh, suburb ofBridgewater, Pennsylvania. Apart from the ice creams, the brand is also for its ice cream cakes and waffle cones.

Job Positions Being Offered

Bruster’s is famous for its fresh products and people therefore, trust its products which allows the company to grow day by day. Growing the size of the company means opening more stores and franchises which need more employees. Bruster’s also hire new employees continuously so that they do know leave anything to provide good customer services. Interested persons can join the team of Bruster’s by applying for any of the job positions offered by them. The most common positions where hiring is done include;

  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Ice Cream Scooper
  • Crew Leader
  • General Manager
  • Assistant Manager


Number of qualities are looked during the interview to hire an employee to select the most appropriate and deserving candidate for the job.

  • According to the Bruster’s selectors, candidate must possess a good healthy smile and should enjoy talking.
  • He must be able to work in a team and must believe in teamwork and customer service.
  • Another quality the candidate must possess that he shouldlike to work in a fun atmosphere.
  • All of the above conclude that the employee must have communication skills.
  • He should be a person who follows the work ethics.

Interview Process:

There is only one interview of informal nature which is considered enough for the managers hiring at Bruster’s to know about the candidate’s ability to serve the company.

Interview consists of very simple and basic questions to know about the personality traits of the candidate. Actually the recruiter is looking for the best person to give customer services which can be decided with the help of behavior of the interviewee.

Questions Important for the Interview:

  • Why do you want to work for Bruster’s?
  • What hours would you be available to work?
  • Will you be able to work for flexible timings?
  • Do you like ice creams?
  • Which is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why?
  • Which ice cream would you recommend your customers at Bruster’s?
  • What is the most interesting thing about you?
  • Would you be able memorize the entire menu?
  • What do you about Bruster’s and its menu?
  • Will you be able to handle a rude customer? How? (A situation can be given)

 Necessary Tips:

  • You should search something about the company to know about the history and the products which are sold there.
  • Prior knowledge related to the ice creams and its flavors and the recipes help you in getting preference over the other applicants for the job.
  • Prepare yourself for some questions which are expected to be asked in the interview so that you may be able to give the answers during the interview without hesitance
  • You should also think of few questions which you can ask from the interviewer. This creates a better impact that you are taking interest in the job.
  • You should always be on time otherwise you will give a lazy and reckless impression to your interviewer.
  • Business casual dressing should be done so that you may be able to present yourself in a way which would be liked by the interviewer.