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Payless ShoeSource, an American footwear retailer company has been offering jobs at different positions. To get prepared for the interview you can get some guides here. Job offers by the company are at more than one positions which are Store Leader, Director Leader, Assistant Store Leaders, Sales Associates which may be part time or full time.

Entry level employees generally have to face a simple interview who may be taken by the Store Manager. Those applicants who need a manager level job may have to give more than one interviews as in these jobs, experience might be the key to get employed. There interview is conducted by the District Manager or corporate representatives. Sometimes there is a group interview as well when the applicants are many in number. To handle that number of applicants, group interview becomes necessary.

Qualities of an Employee

Employees working in Payless ShoeSource have lot of responsibilities. They have to do lot of things therefore, interviewer wants to see that whether the applicant is capable of handling more than one tasks or not. If he can perform these tasks together, then how well he manages to bear the work load. That is why in most of the interviews at Payless, interviewer asks about the problems which the applicants had to face during the previous experiences and what was the way used by them to face and manage that difficult period. Applicants are also asked that how do they close a deal with the customer or how well they can guide a customer by knowing his demand.

A difficult part of the interview is the role play. Applicants are asked to sell the products to the manager or a scenario is created for the applicants and then they are asked to give advice on that. It is seen in the role play that what kind of solution is given by the applicants and how well that solution would be to overcome that particular problem.

Candidates who feel comfortable while speaking and those who have the good vocabulary can be given priority while selection of the employees is made.

Interview Questions

  • What do you about Payless ShoeSource?
  • Why do you want to work at Payless?
  • What can you do for Payless ShoeSource
  • Why do you think Payless should hire you?
  • How can you be better than other applicants?
  • How will you help a customer in making of a decision?
  • How did you help your customers previously where you had been working?
  • Will you be able to work on weekends, holidays and at night whenever required?
  • Discuss anytime when you had faced stress.
  • How did you take out yourself from that stress moment?
  • Tell us about any one of the successful teams you have been with.
  • Do you want to ask anything from us?
  • Applicants who are studying might be asked about their schools and GPA.

Tips for the Interview

  • You should know about the company, its culture and its products before the interview.
  • Your chances to get hired increases when you have done your homework.
  • If you have some knowledge about the footwear and their sizes, you will create your better impression on the interviewers and can be preferred over others.
  • You should be on time for the interview otherwise it will show your carelessness.
  • You should present yourself in a way that interviewer would get impressed.
  • Your way of speaking and your dressing would be the key in your appearance and presentation