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We all want to work under an employer who talks with us in a pleasant way and always give a helping hand to us and become a reason of success in our careers. But this is an ideal scenario and most of the time, it does not happen that you get a perfect person rather you have to face a boss with an angry face and requires you to give an output to him with no support. Your boss does not make your morale high and therefore you remain less motivated for the work but you still have to work under such circumstances and you have to try to put all your efforts to make him happy and satisfied with your performance. You need to tackle your boss’ behavior by following simple tips.

He Really Has Bad Behavior

You need to make sure that your boss really has a bad behavior. Perhaps you yourself would be on mistake and you are just blaming your boss. You should notice him for few days to know that he is really bothering you with his behavior. Then try to figure out that why he is behaving in this manner. Does he has a mistake or is there any other thing which is causing him to do over which he has no control.

Do Not Take Stress

You must not take stress due to such reason. Always try to stay focus on your work and do not allow it to harm your work. The pace of your work should not get slower you should not give the opportunity to your boss to be further rude by not fulfilling your commitments.

Do Before He Asks

You can make your boss happy by doing the tasks which he expects from you before he asks you to do them, Try to complete the task before the time which is told to you by him. It will keep him calm when you do not give him the chance to come to you time and again and remind you that you are behind your schedule. So always try to complete the work earlier than he expects from you.

Prepare Documents

Note down everything he tells and make an outline of the task you need to perform. Also make a complete record of all the tasks you have done so that in the future if your boss questions about them, you can provide him the evidence in the shape of record you had maintained.

Incompetent Boss

When you know that your boss is not competent enough to lead, and you know your competency, then you can do it at your own and set example by leading. You can at as an informal leader for your peers who will also follow your knowing about the boss very well.

Build Your Network

You should be active and try to make good relationships with others so that you may have strong connections which would provide you their assistance in time of need and also you can find another right place to work and leave that job which has not kept you satisfied yet.

Learn From Him

Such behavior of your boss creates negative impacts on you but on the other hand, if you take it in a positive way, you can learn from it. This bad behavior is teaching you to work in pressure in actual which would help you to handle any pressure situation you may face in the future.