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Domino’s has hired a number of cooks for meeting the needs of each of the outlets. Cooks have to perform a number of jobs and duties during their working hours. They are hired on the basis of needs of each company outlet.

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Duties And Responsibilities:

Some of the roles and responsibilities that are handed over to the cooks at this company are mentioned in the list which is mentioned as under:

  1. Making different pizzas according to the recipes given by higher authorities
  2. Baking the pizzas according to the time specified for each of the pizzas
  3. Cleaning the restaurant as well as kitchen and making the environment hygienic for the customers
  4. Assisting the customers in case if they need any help
  5. Offering help to other team members in case if they want it

Salary Details And Benefits In Package:

Cooks are offered entry level jobs and they are generally hired at a minimum wage. This job is offered for fresh college and high school graduates. The experienced candidates are preferred over others for these jobs. Some of the details related to payment offered to these customers are mentioned as under:

  1. Cooks get an hourly salary in a range $10.00 to $14.00 depending on their previous experience and level of their experience as an employee.
  2. Their salary may increase from this amount to a higher amount in case of addition of more years of experience.
  3. They also get vacations that are paid by the company.
  4. The employees enjoy the facility of scheduling their tasks according to their own will.
  5. The customers can get coverage for their medical bills and get coverage in case of accidents.
  6. They are also offered discount rates on dental and vision related problems in their medical coverage.
  7. The candidates are also offered enrollment in 401(k) programs.
  8. They get all the food items offered in by Domino’s at discount rates.

You can also get enrollment in the management trainee programs and get promoted to different positions.

Interview Of A Cook :

One of the cooks working at these outlets was interviewed regarding his experience at this company. Some of the questions that he answered are mentioned as under:

  1. What is your job at this restaurant and the tasks that you perform with this job?

Answer: I worked as a cook at the restaurant and make and bake different pizzas. I make the dough first and then add different sauces, cheese, vegetables, chicken, beef or any other flavors or food items.

  1. What are your comments related to the application procedure and interview?

Answer: the overall process was simple and quick. I went to one of the stores, filled in the required information in application form and submitted it afterwards. They immediately called me for an interview. The process lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes in which they asked me 5 to 7 questions in detail. They train the cooks after hiring.