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Cashiers perform a number of tasks while working at the Big Lots to keep the company outlet functioning and in operational conditions. This company encourages residents of the United States of America to apply for the job openings of cashiers using the online web portal of this company.

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Duties and roles of a Big Lots Cashier:

Some of the duties that are assigned to the Big Lots Cashiers are mentioned in the list which is given below:

  1. Offering services to all the customers and dealing with their complaints and problems.
  2. Adding records and details of bills in the cash register
  3. Welcoming different customers in the company outlet and asking them about their day in a polite manner.
  4. Presenting the information to all the customers related to the products offered at the company and answering different questions that are raised by the customers.
  5. Guiding all the customers to the products and aisles where they want to go.
  6. Informing the customers regarding the bills of products for which they shopped, making receipts, giving them change in case if any and giving all the items to the customers in a bag.
  7. At some of the outlets, cashiers may also be required to unload the stock from trucks and present these items in shelves.

Salary Details And Included Benefits:

Cashiers are generally hired at the lowest wages on hourly basis. These jobs are offered for entry level candidates who have recently completed their graduation in high school or are students of college. The graduates of college can also apply for these jobs. Experienced candidates are preferred over other fresh graduates since there would be no requirement of training them first. The benefits offered with this job are given below:

  1. Cashiers are paid $8.50 per unit hour in case of no experience.
  2. After the passage of some time, you can earn about $10.00 to $12.00 on hourly basis.
  3. Schedules that are arranged according to the ease and convenience of cashiers. They are offered jobs on part time basis.
  4. They are also offered health insurance including basic benefits.
  5. Specific number of vacations that are paid on regular basis.
  6. Retirement plans offered on basic level.

Interview Of A Cashier At This Company:

  1. How do you work during a typical working day?

Answer: I go to the company outlet and perform all the required duties. I greet the customers who enter the outlet, stock the shelves, and make bills for them and all that.

  1. What are the steps through which you went for getting hired?

Answer: the application procedure was difficult because it was a lengthy application form but the interviewing procedure consisted of simple and straight forward questions. Overall the process was simple and quick.

  1. What questions were you asked?

Answer: They asked me whether I could work as a good team player, have I ever worked at this job previously or not and other questions like that.