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The job seekers can get an entry level job as a clerk or sales associate by submitting an application online or going to their nearest 99 Cents Only outlet and submitting the printed application by hand.

Duties Of Sales Associates:

Some of the roles and responsibilities which are handed over to clerks working at this company are given as under:

  1. Interaction with different customers in order to address their problems and complaints
  2. Offering all the needed services to the customers
  3. Recommend different products to the customers who need these products
  4. Stock different items in the shelves and aisles to make the products available for all the visitors
  5. Clean the store outlet in order to maintain the hygienic environment of the stores
  6. In addition to these responsibilities, some of the qualities that are observed in the candidates are the power of their communication, speaking skills and confidence
  7. One of the main personality traits that are observed in candidates is their ability to analyze the situation and come to a solution regarding the problem accordingly.
  8. Candidates having a flexible schedule are preferred over other candidates. Punctuality and availability during night shifts is also observed during the short listing procedure

The clerks must qualify through following eligibility criteria in order to apply for this post and get selected as an employee:

  1. The minimum age which is required in order to apply for this post is 16 years. The residents of United States of America having a greater age than this minimum limit are also eligible for applying in this company
  2. In some cases the applicants must have educational certificates to qualify through high school.

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Salary Details And Additional Benefits:

The sales associates get a number of salary packages and additional benefits from the company officials. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Clerks are generally offered a starting pay of 7 to 8 US Dollars per unit hour in case if they are fresh graduates and do not have any prior experience of working at this position
  2. The salary increases with the passage of each year and addition of experience to the employee’s work profile.
  3. Medical coverage is a part of the salary and benefits packages offered by this company. some of the medical benefits offered by this company include enrolment in dental programs, vision related plans and other benefits
  4. Some of the finance related insurance provide by this company are enrolment in the basic life insurance programs, getting registered for plans related to disability, retirement plans etc.
  5. In addition to these facilities, this company also presents its customers the ability of using their accounts in more flexible manner.
  6. Getting signed up for the discount plans and programs for getting the products form this company at off rates

Tips for getting selected as a clerk:

In addition to the personality traits mentioned in this article, the employees must also pay a visit personally to the outlet where they want to work. This will indicate their interest in the job positions and hiring managers will notice their presence and may short list them for the interview.