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Few jobs are those which are not satisfactory for the people and they do not want to work either due to extra load of work or due to less salary. Unless you are being compensated according to the job duties, you are not motivated to work diligently. People have been seen disappointed with their jobs. Some examples of such jobs mare below;

Teller At The Bank

Banks Tellers have been found disappointed with their jobs and they really want to leave that even they advise others not to do that job ever. The problem is for those who are not interactive people and they have to deal with the customers for entire day. Another issue in the job is that tellers have the responsibility of closing daily. They have to balance the receipts and payments and if there is any error on their part and receipts are less, then that will be on their part to balance the cash amount by paying themselves.

Earlier there were more chances of promotion from the Teller position to senior level and that is why people preferred that job as well but now things have changed and upper level jobs have different demands now so very less opportunities are left with the Tellers. Moreover, another complain is that there is no further learning in this job as they have to continuously interact with customers with the same things.


This job is very much similar to the job of Teller and with the same problems like similar job without any learning and less chances of progress. You may be promoted but after spending much time with the company. Again for the dealing with customers, you must have an attitude of like to talk to them, but if you do not like to talk to the customers, you cannot enjoy your job and it will become difficult for you to spend your time in that job. Although cashiers are not required to be highly qualified but they are not paid according to the work they have to do. They are not happy with their jobs as the most of the interaction of the customers is with them and they are the busiest of the all the staff.

Secondary School Teacher

A secondary school teacher is paid competitively but he or she has to perform a heavy duty. They have to bear the load of paper work and issues like the involvement of the parents which never ends and they always have to face the unwillingness of the students to do their work. This is one of the most stressful jobs and another problem is the politics which is always present in the secondary school system.

Delivery Driver

A delivery driver has the responsibility of reaching the destination within the specified time otherwise the responsibility comes on his shoulders. This is a kind of job which requires physical work from you and you have to sit and drive for long time. The biggest issue is the less pay and another one is that there is no career building in such job therefore, many delivery drivers have been found who regret about their jobs.


There is an advantage in this job that you can continuously learn new things as new machines are coming with new issues but on the other hand it also creates stress for the worker that he needs more training related to the work and keep himself aware of the latest machinery. A mechanic’s job needs physically active person who has to work for long duration and usually he deals with the kind of work which is not clean. You are always working in the dirt and if we look the job from financial point of view, then it is not very attractive work.