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The Kroger Company is famous U.S Retailer Company found in 1883 at Cincinnati, Ohio. It is nation’s largest supermarket chain and world’s fifth largest retailing company as well. Company has established 2,774 superstores at different location at different countries. You can shop traditional grocery items and other products at its stores or subsidiaries. About 368,000 associates are attached with this company across 34 U.S states. If you want to work with Kroger then you can apply here for job to avail opportunities. Company is providing variety of jobs at the company give you chance to work in the company.

Why To Join Kroger?

Kroger is looking for passionate people to hire at the company. Company is looking for people who can help them for creating strong bonding with the customers. No matter what stage of career is going one Kroger will help u in building strong career. You can find your desire job at this company by applying online or submitting your job application. Employees are getting employee benefits and other advantages to get better lifestyle. You can apply for benefits and vacations anytime and company is here with you in your ever tough conditions.

Explore Your Career:

If you want to know the Kroger career areas then you can check here the details.

  • Clinical
  • Corporate
  • Hourly jobs
  • Technology
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmacy
  • Management

How To Apply Online?

  • Use this link to get jobs here.
  • On accessing this page you can see the search bar where you can enter job details.
  • Enter job keyword or postal code to check the jobs available here.
  • Press the button “Search jobs” to get results.
  • See the links of jobs to apply here.
  • Check the link and read the job descriptions and see the button “Apply Now”
  • Before apply here enter your email address and start your application.
  • Enter your email address, full name and zip code.
  • After that press the button “Next” to complete online application.
  • After that complete the applying method.

Application process:

Kroger HR department will review all submitted applications and will send an email to all eligible candidates for job interview. On getting job interview, you have to prepare for your job interview.

Important Interview Questions:

Here are some important Kroger interview questions that can help you in learning expected questions. You should learn their answers to prepare you interview.

  1. Are you reliable for working in Team?
  2. Are your currently associated with any other employer?
  3. Why you want to work as retailer at store?
  4. Have you ever faced problem while dealing with angry customers?
  5. What you will do if you find error in counting?
  6. What is important in sales?
  7. Sell this product to me?
  8. How will you help customer for purchasing any desire item at the store?
  9. Where do you want to see in next five years?
  10. What can you bring for us?

Salary Review:

If you are looking for how much Kroger pays to its workforce then you can see this table to review the annual salaries of different job positions at the company.

Job List Annual Salary
Cashier $20,000
Deli Associate $20,000
Customer Service Representative $21,000
Courtesy Associate $16,000
Customer Service Associate / Cashier $20,000
Clerk $20,000 
Produce Clerk $18,000 
Grocery Associate $25,000
Pharmacy Technician $25,000
Co-manager $45,000
Cashier/Sales $17,000
Stocker $25,000
Front End Manager $27,000
Overnight Stocker $20,000
Front End Associate $21,000
Stocking Associate $25,000
General Manager $26,000
Meat Clerk $28,000 
Customer Service Manager $32,000

Employee Benefits:

Kroger is offering 10% discount to the workers for their shopping at the stores. Employees can apply for health insurance service with low interest rate. Company is providing financial services like retirement plans and life insurance services to the workers.