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Home Depot presents its customers the ability to apply for a job opportunity as sales associate. Sales associates have an important role in carrying out daily tasks and challenges during the working hours. They also play a significant role in making a communication bridge between other team members.

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Roles and responsibilities of a sales associate:

Sales associate are responsible for performing a number of tasks and duties. Some of these tasks are mentioned as under:

  1. Offering a variety of services to the customers in case if they have any queries or complaints. They are also responsible for solving their issues and offering their guide lines related to different products.
  2. Answering all the questions that are asked by the customers.
  3. Providing guidance and assistance to the customers in any possible way that is required by them.
  4. Offering comparison between different products so that customers may find it easy to buy products.
  5. Sales associates are also responsible for coordinating with store managers to ensure the satisfaction of all the customers.

Details About Salary And Other Benefits:

The sales associates are hired on hourly basis since this is an entry level job mainly offered for college and high school graduates. However, applicants, having experience in this field are preferred over the fresh graduates. Some of the details related to benefits offered by this company are mentioned as under:

  1. These employees get a salary of about $12.00 per unit hour and the pay may increase according to the experience of the employees.
  2. The increment in pay may also increase according to the location and variation in the level of expertise that an employee gets with the passage of time while working.
  3. In addition to the salary mentioned above, this company also offers discount rates on its products for the employees so that they may shop easily from this company.
  4. They can also get a number of health related benefits and medical facilities in case of emergencies.
  5. The employees also receive life insurance, vision as well as dental insurance for their services. They also get enrollment facility in different retirement plans and programs offered by the company.
  6. The employees can go on specified number of vacations each year on paid basis and can work for extra number of hours to earn a few extra bucks.
  7. They are facilitated with designing a schedule for themselves according to their own will and complete their working hours accordingly.

Sales associates are also responsible for stocking different items in the shelves and cleaning the company outlet in case if sweepers are not available. They are handed over these tasks by re-adjusting their salary per unit hour. The sales associates report higher management authorities related to their tasks and daily sales after the end of their working hours. In addition to these tasks, they are also responsible for keeping a polite environment and dealing with the customers in a welcoming manner.