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If you are looking for perfect place where you can fulfill your dreams then Marriott is a company that is giving you a workplace to get your destination. Marriott want you to be better with your everyday efforts. Company is appreciating person’s strengths and giving chances for improving skills. This is a company that is openly welcoming you as you are. They are giving you training but value your ideas and also applaud you for your efforts here. Company is inviting talented peoples who want to get jobs.

Why To Join Marriott?

Marriott workers can find more than job here that can change their future. Company claims that you can explore all benefits services for their workers that belong to their global family. This is a plus factor that encourages all candidates to come and join this company. Marriott is providing atmosphere to its employee where they can feel like home and this is biggest reason that employee used to refer their family and friends to join this company.

Explore Career Areas:

If you are looking for job here then first decide that what career area you want to join. Company is handling different job categories to serve their customers so; due to their diversity you can choose your desire job easily. Here are some career areas that will help you to select the job.

  • Job In Hotels
  • Corporate Office
  • Students and fresh graduates
  • S Veterans
  • Management

How To Apply?

To apply online to submit your Marriott job application you have to follow this online procedure to submit your application.

  • Use this link and see the page where you can see all information and details about how to apply here for job.
  • Next you can see an option “Explore Your Career Areas” click on it to get details which job category you can select here.
  • You can see the career areas here , click on the link of any job category as if you want to get job for hotel then click on the relevant link and get details.
  • On the next page you can see all job positions for hotel jobs, see the button on the job “Search & Apply Now?
  • Now enter your location where you want to get job and next enter keyword or job number.
  • You can choose the job category and click on the button “Search And Apply”.
  • You will get the refine results on the next page where you can select the job offer by click on the link provided on the page.
  • Read job summary on the page where you can read job description and job details.
  • Click on the button “Apply” after reading all details and get the new page access.
  • Next enter your name, city, state, email address and area of interest.
  • Click on the button “Send” by checking other options.
  • Now you have to submit your job application to get response by the HR department of the company.
  • Complete all other necessary steps to submit your application.

Application Process:

After you application submission HR department of company will review your applications and will contact with all eligible candidates. They will send you interview invitations for online and in-office interview sessions.

Important Interview Questions:

You are going to join an international company so, keep in mind that interviewer can ask you tough and tricky questions. You should be fully prepared for these kinds of questions:

  1. How would you fit in our lifestyle?
  2. Have you ever assist any guest in your last experience?
  3. Describe yourself in just three words
  4. Have you ever worked for diverse groups or individual?
  5. Main reason for doing this job?
  6. Any tough situation you faced in your previous job? Explain
  7. If you can work at weekends? Or vacations?
  8. Any good experience for dealing with customers
  9. Any harsh experience for handling harsh customer on phone
  10. Any major decision you ever made in tough time

Salary Review:

You must be having this question in your mind that “How much does Marriott pay” . Here you can get complete details about salaries they offer.

Job Post Annual Salaries
Front Desk Manager $25,000 
Housekeeper $20,000
Guest Relations $24,054
Night Auditor $23,504 
Receptionist $22,000
Room Attendant $22,000
General Manager $50,000

Employee Benefits:

Marriott Company is providing all benefits and incentive offers that other global companies are providing to their employee. They are providing these benefits on affordable rates to give them easy lifestyle.

Employee Discount: company is providing discount on some services to the staff of the hotel. They are providing them free food during the working hours in the hotels.

Health Insurances: the best benefit service is health insurance service that is available at very low rates.

Job Training: they are giving job training service to all employee who have just joined the company.