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Pizza Hut presents job seekers from all over the world a number of job opportunities. You can apply for these job opportunities by using the online web portal or going to the outlet of Pizza Hut where you want to work on any post as a crew member.

The online hiring procedure:

The hiring procedure for all the applicants begins with online submission of a job application. A few important steps to apply for a post are mentioned below:

  1. Open the official careers portal of Pizza Hut where you want to apply for a post of your choice.
  2. Open the application form for the post for which you want to apply and fill all the required details including your personal as well as professional qualifications and experience.
  3. Note that you must have an age of 16 years or more than that to be eligible for working as an employee at Pizza Hut.
  4. The eligible applicants will receive a call regarding the interview details from the company within a period of 2 weeks.
  5. Note that this chain of restaurants also keeps a record of the applicants in order to use the same applications during the next hiring procedure which takes place after half year.

Common Questions Asked During The Interviews:

In addition to the technical questions related to the post on which a candidate is interviewed for being hired, this company also asks a few questions in order to evaluate the level of confidence, personality, speaking power, communication skills of the person etc. Some of these questions are mentioned below:

  1. Discuss your previous experience related to this post?
  2. Do you have any past records of violation of any law or criminal records?
  3. Within the next 5 years, where do you find yourself in the professional life?
  4. Is there any way of transportation for you so that you may get to work and get back to home from work?

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Responsibilities And Duties:

Server has a number of roles at the outlets of Pizza Hut which are given below:

  1. Greeting the customers and leading them to a seat which is available in the outlet
  2. Taking orders from the customers and submitting these orders in the kitchen so that the cooks may start working on these orders
  3. in addition to these duties, servers are also sometimes responsible for maintaining a good environment and having good communication with the customers.

Salary Package On Hourly Basis:

The servers are generally offered a salary of $12.00 per unit hour. The salary increases after a few years with the gradual increase in the level of experience. Some of the additional benefits offered along with these salary packages which are given as under:

  1. Health care facilities such as dental vision and coverage for all kinds of injuries and accidents
  2. Plans after retirement from the job such as 401(k) retirement programs etc
  3. Off rates on a number of meals and fast food offered at Pizza Hut
  4. Getting vacations and off timings for a specific time period from the company