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Back in the 1930s, the founder of the restaurant chain sold his precious automobile to start running a small burger shack. Early on in its operation a customer asked for a product that had previously not existed – a doubly stacked burger. It became more popular and ultimately a regular item on the menu. In the beginning the restaurant was actually called by another name, but there was a little boy who liked to help clean up in exchange for a free one of the now famous burgers. Someone drew up a sketch of the little boy, the owner dubbed the new option, and the name stuck.

Store Hours:

To find out the restaurant hours, go to the My Locations access the site. You can look up the contact information of the store nearest you and call them for specific schedule details.

How To Apply For A Job?

Do you want to contribute to and help carry on the Big Boy legacy? Working with this company can be fun and you will enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere offered by the other employees.

  • If you are interested in employment, visit a restaurant near you to learn more. It doesn’t have to be the one closest to you, as ones a bit further away might offer additional opportunities. As long as the location is within travelling distance, check it out!
  • You can search for places near you using the online store finder at link mentioned below. You can type in your address and see all the restaurants near you on the map.
  • When you walk into a store, ask to speak with a manager. He or she can give you an application and point you in the direction of submitting your employment information. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have at that time as well.
  • After you fill out and submit your application, someone will get in touch with you about whatever needs to happen next, such as an interview or filling out more forms.

Age Requirement:

Speak with the manager at your desired location about how old you need to be to work at one of the restaurants. You need to be of legal age to work in your state and be able to show proof of your ability to work.

Compensation, Benefits, And Perks:

For working at here you will receive competitive compensation corresponding to your position, which may include hourly wages, a salary, and/or tips. You will also get employee discounts on food, so eat up and enjoy! You will have the chance to move up within the ranks of the company and earn additional benefits as a result, which may include features such as vacation time and retirement options. Along the way you will learn a lot and make tons of new friends. If you work hard and show up with a positive attitude there is no telling where your career will take you!

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