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This restaurant was opened over 30 years ago in Ohio when two men decided they wanted to be able to eat good chicken wings without travelling to a place like Buffalo. They opened the first restaurant and it went from there. Now they have a location in 49 states in America and you can find one almost anywhere you go. The focus of the concept is on not only good food, namely chicken wings, but also on beer and sports. People can come and relax and watch sports while eating chicken paired with all sorts of different sauces and drinking their favorite of whatever is on tap.

Working With This Restaurant:

If you would like to join the team and rise through the ranks of the sports-loving, delicious-food-serving employees with this restaurant then look no further! Check out the website to read up on all sorts of company information. If you think you’re ready for a career go to refer link and get started.

Store Hours:

Hours will vary slightly based on location. An example of a schedule would be M-Th 11AM to 12AM, Friday and Saturday 11AM to 1AM, and Sunday 11AM to 12AM.

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Age Requirements:

You generally need to be 16 or older to work at one of the restaurants. For some positions you may need to be even older, such as 18 or 21.

Once you have submitted everything you are well on your way to a new career with the company. They will be as excited to have you as you are to be working with them. Plus the atmosphere will be the fun, busy, fast-paced working environment you’ve always wanted!

Submitting Online Applications:

The first area in which you can work is inside a store location. This includes jobs like:

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You Can Apply For Any Of These Jobs Online By:

  • Clicking on the link, which will take you to a portion of the website where you can submit the application.
  • First login with email address and password or make new account, check the availability of the account and the current offers.
  • Go for assessment test and check your skills before submitting the application.
  •  If a manager reads your application and likes what they see then they will give you a call and you can continue from there.

You Can Also Search For Management Positions, Which Might Include Opportunities Like:

  • Team lead
  • Assistant manager
  • Restaurant manager

How To Apply For These Jobs?

  • Clicking on any of the available options that appear and reading the description to see information about the location and requisition number.
  • You can apply online by creating an account, entering in your email address and password, and submitting your details for consideration.

You can go through the same process to apply for corporate jobs, which may include positions such as:

  • Accountant
  • Business analyst
  • HR representative

Benefits For Working:

Buffalo Wild Wings takes pride in how well they take care of their employees. Incentives include perks like competitive pay, insurance, bonuses and product discounts, contests, flexible schedule options, and even opportunities to get in on stock. However the biggest bonus is the opportunity to move up in the company, and they even offer training programs to help you do it!

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