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Chili’s is a restaurant that brings everything you love about the Southwest to one place. With a bold look and bold flavors, this company offers you an inviting and exciting place to eat, drink, relax, and watch your favorites on the bigger than ever TV screens! Guests can come order delicious entrees, appetizers, and desserts infused with spices, chipotle flavors, and tantalizing flavor combinations. The atmosphere is casual and laid back, highlighting the energy of the southwest while allowing for ample seating space and attractive lighting. This restaurant is one of the most prominent casual dining concepts in the United States, and is owned by Brinker International, a corporation that also owns Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Store Hours:

Monday to Thursday 11 AM to 11 PM, Friday and Saturday 11 AM to 12 PM, and Sunday 11 AM to 10 PM. Remember that while this is a typical schedule, some locations may deviate slightly from these hours. Visit link below and search for information on the locations nearest to you to be certain.

How To Apply For Work?

This is a fun, dynamic, and fast-paced environment and is looking for enthusiastic people who can keep up to join the team. If you love customer service, the food service industry, or just have a passion for people, check out the website to learn more!

  • The direct link can provide more information on employment opportunities. You can also click on the employment link at the bottom of the page on the main page.
  • You have three options from which to choose:
    • Hourly
    • Management
    • Corporate
  • Click on the category that interests you. You will be taken to the Brinker International employment site. Under the heading “Start Working Happy,” click again on the category that is appropriate for you.
  • To search, type in the job number (if you have a specific opportunity in mind), and relevant keywords, your desired job field, your location, and the organization.
  • When the results appear, click on the titles to learn more. If you are satisfied with what you have read, click to apply online.
  • You will need to create a username and password to continue. This will allow you to complete and submit your electronic application.
  • Someone will be in touch shortly after your application has been reviewed. They will let you know the next steps in the process, which may include an interview.

Age Requirement:

You must be 18 or older to apply for work with any of the Brinker International companies.

Benefits, Perks, Compensation:

You will enjoy working at here will all of the benefits you will receive. Some of the features are only applicable to certain positions. The list below is comprehensive, so ask to speak with your manager to find out which ones you are eligible for.

  • Competitive compensation either weekly or biweekly
  • Meal discounts
  • Potential for bonuses
  • Vacation time
  • 401k options
  • Education assistance opportunities
  • Health coverage including prescription discounts
  • Life insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • Assistance programs for employees

Your benefits, bonuses, and compensation will only increase as you move throughout the company. The harder and longer you work the more opportunities for benefits and advancement you will receive!

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