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Life is at Flickr is amazing and something different then other companies. They are giving best creative team’s effort to bring your memories on the digital canvas where you can store your life events and moment that lives with your lifetime. It has team of creative, engineer and technical staff to give you a reliable source on which you can trust to store your secrets of life. They know the value of your trust on them. They are giving full protection to your secret and personal click of your camera. They are handling complicated challenges to solve the problems with their expertise. They are always opened to join hand with new talented workers anytime.

Company’s History:

Flickr is huge name for image and website hosting services along with other web services. Ludicorp the owner of this company has created this image hosting site at 2004 and in 2005 it was engaged with yahoo inc,. It has about 87 million users that are sharing and embedding their personal photographs here. According to the recent calculation about 6 billion images daily are uploading on it and soon it will increase to high figure due to its increasing popularity. There is not any fixed number for employees that are working for them but they have vast team that is working under it.

Opening Jobs:

Get to know the jobs that are opened for you to apply online.

  • Software engineer for infrastructure, product, API
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Mobile Engineer
  • Partner Engineer
  • Product designer
  • MySQL database
  • Senior Quality Engineer
  • Senior Data & Analytic Engineer

How To Apply?

  • To get a link to apply online jobs click on the big button on the right hand side of this page.
  • On the page see the heading “Open Positions” and see the post that are available to apply.
  • Click on the job link for that you are willing to apply.
  • Read the job specification and if you to apply then you need to create your resume and document e-files to send them on the email address mentioned below.

Age Requirement:

They have mentioned age requirement on each job specification. You have to keep in mind about their age concern before applying.

Working Hours:

For every job post they have specific working hour on their offices you can get details by the offices.

Employment Benefits:

You can find all benefits like 401(k), life insurance, health care, loans and leaves on pay services. They are caring their working and giving them working environment.

Refer links

Official site: www.

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