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“For Your Entertainment” is a group of stores that can be found both in malls and in free standing structures throughout the country. The operating company is known as Trans World Entertainment. It was founded in the early 1970’s and as of today there are about 250 stores throughout the United States and a few U.S. territories. It is one of the leading retailers of specialty entertainment products and sells a variety of entertainment and media-related needs, including CDs, DVDs, and games. People can also purchase gift cards, sign up for events, and take advantage of store specials. Shoppers can also find exclusive information on the company-owned website under the address.

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Working At The Company:

If you want to be an employee, you can start your search by going to its official site. If you love music and movies, are knowledgeable about the products, or enjoy retail and customer service, then there is a spot for you with this company. Click on the careers tab, which will take you to a page owned by the parent company. You can also view mentioned site below.

The Job Search:

There are a few different job categories from which to choose when beginning your hunt. You could work:

  • In a retail store
  • At the home office
  • For the distribution team
  • In the arena of field management
  • As an intern

To Apply:

  • You can browse all of your options via the Trans World website.
  • Depending upon your chosen area of interest you may submit your application online, send your resume to the appropriate people, or get directions to the site at which you will work and speak with someone in person.
  • Step by step instructions are provided for each area. For example, you must visit a distribution center for a job, but you can email your resume to the company if you want to work for corporate.
  • Either way your information will be considered and someone will be in touch with you when your details and specifications meet the requirements and needs of an available position.

Store Hours:

Hours of operation vary by location and may depend on whether the store is in a free structure or is housed within a mall. Use the store locator online to find the contact information for your nearest shop and call for details.

Age Limitations:

Different states have different work restrictions put on minors, so you must be at least 16 years old and have proper proof of your ability to work in order to be hired by this company.

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Come to work with a smile, commit yourself and show your loyalty to the company, and there is no limit to where you can go!

The Benefits:

There are numerous benefits to working with this company. As a foremost provider of entertainment services, the company knows how to treat their employees well! Benefits include:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Merit-based pay and potential for bonuses
  • Health insurance packages that include features like dental coverage and disability
  • Investments for your future, such as in 401k’s.
  • Opportunities for investment
  • Store discounts
  • Room for advancement

The business likes to reward hard work and you will have numerous opportunities to showcase your talents and receive due reward as a result. You can grow and thrive in this industry and move up the chain of command in no time!

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