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The company offers apparel, clothing items, accessories, and swimwear for teens all across the nation. The feel and vibe has a Southern California atmosphere and style with items like ripped jeans, plaid shirts, and palm trees. The stores are mostly found in malls and have become quite popular, with the main company owning other shops of similar value, such as Abercrombie and Fitch. Teenagers can come to this store for all the latest in casual, beach-type styles and trends.

Hours Of Operation:

Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 9:30 PM. Sunday 11 AM to 7 PM. Hours may vary slightly depending on the location, especially since stores must comply with the schedules of the malls they are in. Restrictions may also apply on holidays.

Searching For Work:

If you want a career at this store then study up on all company and product information at the official site. Familiarize yourself with the style and ambience of the store and website so you are as educated as possible. When you are ready navigate to go following link and get started.

  • Modeling Careers:

In order to work as a model you must first be employed in a store, such as an associate or manager. From there you can apply to be a part of a marketing campaign.

  • Other Store Opportunities:

Working in a store might include working full time or part time, as a sales associate, an assistant or store manager, or as a manager in training, a 10 week program that teaches you all the ins and outs of running a store.

  • Corporate Office Jobs:

You may also be interested in working in an office for the corporation, doing something like accounting or marketing. There is room for both experienced applicants and those who have recently graduated or even students.

To Submit Your Application:

  • To start, click on your particular area of interest, such as “Manager in Training,” or “Experienced Candidate.”
  • Read over the text and hit “Apply Now.” Further narrow your search by inputting information such as a keyword and/or job category.
  • Select your location by given map on the next page or enter you zip code, city or country name.
  • You will se the list of the job offered by the store located at the place which you have selected
  • Click on one of the listings that appear and read the qualifications. If it is a good fit, click “Apply Online.” You will have to create a username and password to continue.
  • Now you can submit and save all your information. Someone will contact you to continue the hiring process and interview you when the opportunity presents itself. Keep in mind that applying for positions that are on the level of your interest and experience is always helpful and makes it more likely for you to be given the job.

Age Requirement:

You must be 17 years of age or older to work at a Hollister store and be able to provide proof of your ability to work in the United States.

Benefits For Working:

Perks are commensurate with your position in the company and the type of job you have. To illustrate, there is a difference between the benefits for a part time associate and a full time manager. Everyone will be compensated regularly, either hourly or by salary. Packages may also include benefits like medical insurance or paid vacation. You might also be rewarded with product discounts. Either way, the biggest benefit comes in the form of your opportunity for advancement. Whether this means you go from working in a store to being a model for the advertising campaigns, or becoming a manager at the district level, the possibilities are practically endless!

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