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Hot Topic is a leading retailer of unique, edgy products targeted towards “underground” consumers, offering products for bands and other media that is out of line with mainstream. They offer music, clothing, accessories, body jewelry, and merchandise such as key chains, wallets, and belts. The store has been around for nearly a quarter of a century and you can find 600 stores across the country in malls everywhere. Walk in and do your shopping while rocking out to all your favorite tunes and finding humorous products and adult merchandise for all your needs. The company orients itself towards filling a niche that previously did not have a retailer and making sure that it continues to offer consumers exactly what they want.

Store Hours Of Operation:

Schedules will depend on the store and the hours of the mall at that particular location. You can use the online store finder to locate your nearest shop and get the contact information so you can get all the scheduling details. The store locater can be seen refer link blow.

Job Applications:

Whether your style is in line with the unique, edgy aspects of the store, you have a passion for retail and customer service, or you are simply looking for your next big career move, you can find a job at this company! See the home website and following link blow for specific details on careers.

Searching For Jobs:

Do you want to work at headquarters, in a distribution center, or at the store level? There are opportunities everywhere! If you work at corporate you could be involved in a number of departments, including:

  • Accounting and finance
  • HR
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Real Estate
  • The Website team

The corporate office is located in California.

Positions in the store include:

  • Sales associate positions
  • A number of management positions
  • From the link listed above, click to search all jobs.
  • Narrow your search criteria by selecting a specific area and also isolating a particular brand.
  • Also enter in your city and state information. The jobs available based on your specifications will appear on the right.
  • Select a particular job and location and hit the button to proceed to registration or login into your existing account.
  • A new window will open that will take you through the rest of the steps to submitting your application and resume information.

HINT: Apply for jobs that suit you and you are bound to get a call requesting that you continue the process. You may have to complete one or more interviews before you are officially offered a position, but once you get started you will be well on your way to unlocking your future!

Age Requirements:

Check with a manager at your nearest store to know about minimum age requirements.

Benefits While Working:

They offer all sorts of great perks and bonuses for becoming a member of the team, including:

  • A laid back environment to work
  • Medical insurance that includes dental and vision benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Retirement investment programs
  • Education assistance
  • Concert reimbursement
  • Competitive compensation

Of course the biggest bonus is the chance you will get to succeed, grow, learn, and improve in a supportive, fun, and energetic atmosphere. Even if you start as an associate you can easily make opportunities for promotion for yourself. All you need is dedication, commitment, and a willingness to learn. You will become educated all about the industry, retail and customer service, and leadership. You never know – you could end up at the corporate level!

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