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About Company

Kroger is a popular US shopping business set up by Bernard Kroger in 1883. Originally based in Cincinnati, Ohio, it has grown to become the largest food shop and second biggest retailer after Wal Mart.  Though Kroger’s corporate activities are concentrated at its headquarters in Cincinnati, it has affiliate offices in many other states from where it manages its chain of supermarkets, department shops, convenience shops and jewelry shops.

Job Description:

Minimum Age To Work:

You must be 16 years to apply for a job at Kroger.

Job Hours:

Offering 24 hours 7 days a week services

Types Of Job Available:

  • Pharmacy
  • Store Opportunities
  • Kroger Accounting Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

Recruitment Philosophy:

If you’re in search of a way to use your authority, creativity, association and folks skills in a very rewarding natural surroundings, then The Kroger Co. incorporates a place for you on its cluster of locations. Most of their retail environments have opportunities for full- and part-time retail and front desk staff as well as restaurant clerks. Additionally, if you’re concerned about search administration, and your needs meet their needs, you can approach them directly with what you can do. The opportunities on offer bring out the best gifts in individuals in all areas of study, extending from enterprise management to numbers to political analysis.

Employee Benefits:

In addition to competitive salaries and a gorgeous bonus program upon qualification, The Kroger Co. gives the public lots of advantages on lucrative positions and job innovations.
Medical — Kroger’s health benefits package includes many style decisions betting on where you reside. From these offerings, you’ll select the styles that best rendezvous your desires. Dental – you’ll select from some dental coverage choices, afresh with Kroger aiding a big piece to the premium for dental styles.
Basic Life Insurance — Kroger provides, at no price to you, a basic amount life protection set up, which can be supplemented by further assembly life insurance accessible to you at assembly rates.

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