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About The Company

McDonald’s company is certainly the world’s biggest fast food restaurants, reaching out to over 68 million customers everyday in 119 countries. It has its headquarters in the USA but maintains several other offices worldwide. The company was established in 1940 as a simple barbecue restaurant by Richard and Maurice McDonald. Four years later, they revamped the business resulting in Ray Kroc acquiring a franchise in 1955. Later, he acquired the chain from the McDonald brothers and turned it into a worldwide fast food phenomena.

McDonald’s is most popular for its specially styled cheeseburgers, hamburgers French fries and desserts. In answer to altering shopper flavors, the enterprise has diversified its menu to encompass salads, wrappings, smoothies and fruit.

Employment Philosophy:

Mac believes that the simplest individuals within the world work right there and that new employees constantly make the place better all the time.  The firm looks to people with enthusiasm, responsibility and drive.  And they pride themselves on the fact that they have the work environment to challenge their workers to satisfying careers.

Job Description:

Minimum Age To Work:

You must be 16 years to apply for a job at Mcdonald’s.

Job Hours:

Offering job hours according to store location

Types Of Job:

There are two main types of jobs at Mac:

  • Restaurant
  • Corporate Opportunities

A McDonald’s outlet is managed by a franchisee, an authorized affiliate, or the enterprise itself. The corporation’s earnings are largely derived from the lease, royalties and other revenues accruing from the franchisees as well as the income from core operations of the company. McDonald’s earnings have been very encouraging in the previous years; in 2007 the company made to $22.8 billion.

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