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Back in the early 1990s, no one had yet successfully created a restaurant that was able to offer people food at the speed of fast food restaurants but also provide good quality. The founder of this restaurant group decided not to take no for an answer, and came up with a way to offer people fresh options that were full of flavor but also offered ease and convenience. He also saw that there were a lot of different cuisine types out there, and most of them had signature dishes constructed from the noodle. The first location opened in 1995 in Colorado and has since expanded in multiple ways. First, the menu grew to include additional options, such as soups and salads, and the size of the company grew into a several hundred store operation.

Hours And Schedule:

Locations usually open at 11 AM and stay open until 9 PM. Some days, such as Sundays, may have more limited hours, and there may be restrictions on holidays as well. Call your local store to get updated information. You can find contacts for restaurants in your area by going to and searching by your zip code or state.

How To Apply For Work?

The company is always looking for talented people and bright minds to join the staff and contribute to what makes the company great. To find more information check out official site you can learn all about the restaurant group.

To Submit An Application:

  • Click on the CAREERS tab or go to the link mentioned below.
  • Browse the content on the employment site and when you are ready hit APPLY NOW.
  • You can apply immediately to have your credentials submitted to any job that might fit your skillsets, or you can search openings.
  • Hit GET STARTED and type in your location information.
  • Select any or all of the stores listed to submit applications to those units.
  • The next page will show listings of open positions. You can click on the magnifying glass icon to view details of the job and then check off any of the openings to which you want to submit an application.
  • Do this for each location you selected and click NEXT after each one. At the end you will be promoted to read over what to expect as you fill out the application. When you’re ready, click NEXT to get started.
  • You have to give all necessary information about your previous academic and employment records and at the last submit your resume copy too.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and make sure you read over everything carefully. At the end your qualifications will be submitted for review. You will be contacted when there is an appropriate opening available for you to fill.

Age Requirement:

For the lowest level position (team member) you must be at least 16 to apply. For other positions, such as those in management, you will have to meet additional requirements, be older, and have met certain education milestones.

Perks And Benefits:

What you receive for working with Noodles and Company will in part be based on your position and level of compensation. At a base level you will receive competitive compensation on a regular basis and meal discounts both while working and on your time off. Salaried employees will also enjoy:

  • Full medical benefits that include dental and vision
  • 401(k) options
  • Life insurance

Some management positions will also enjoy:

  • Paid time off
  • Additional health days

Other features that come with employment include resources and reimbursement for health-related expenses, and the potential for scholarships for deserving employees and their families. Regardless of where you start on the benefits scale, your hard work and commitment to serving others will undoubtedly pay off!

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