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We always need a good food at different restaurants to eat, enjoy and best time to spend with friends and families. Company is struggling to give you best food and an environment in their restaurant that give you completely comfort looks. By their delicious food recipes they are grabbing the numbers of customers into their restaurants and they are successful in their efforts. They are providing the huge range of pizzas and they are growing their recipes and number of locations to approach their far customers at their nearest places.

Company’s History:

Pizza Pizza is most famous Canadian restaurant, popular for its delicious pizza’s recipes. It was founded in 1967 and its first headquarter is at Tornado. You can find its other restaurants at 500 more places in Canada and also it is located at nontraditional places like universities and colleges cafeterias. Nontraditional places are of 150 in locations , it is all because of its popularity of pizza’s and customers love their services near to them. Company has its one headquarter which is managing its all restaurants at different locations and they are supporting their franchises by maintaining their customer services and good quality food.


If you are thinking to join their company then you need to make decision that either you are going to join their cooperate team or restaurant area. Company is hiring new team member for their two major area corporate career and restaurant career.

Job Available here:

As on the company’s main site you can notice that you can apply here for the two major areas as mentioned below:

Cooperate Careers:

Company is successful to maintain its huge range of restaurants. They are successful because of their excellent team and they have very challenging post at their management department. If you have talent to accept the challenges then you can apply here.

  • Service Desk Technicians
  • Telephone service operator
  • Accountant
  • General Manager
  • Account Analyst
  • Manager Assistant

Restaurant Careers:

Customers are well satisfied by their services this all because of their energetic and talented team working at their locations . They are looking to fill some spaces and new workers to allow them to join hand with them to serve their customers.

  • Counter Sales.
  • Cook
  • Waiters
  • Catering Manager
  • Accountant
  • Manager

How To Apply?

  • To apply click on “Apply Online” button on the right side of the page.
  • The page will be opened for you apply here for the cooperate jobs but if you want to get restaurant job click on the below mentioned link.
  • As you will open the page you will see the job offers click on the job links.
  • See the full page review about the job requirement, specification and demands to apply.
  • After reading it clicks on the button “Apply” at the end of the page.
  • Now enter full name, email address and phone number into the respective boxes.
  • Click on the button “Browse “and attach you resume document and press the button “Send”.
  • After sending you resume successfully you can wait for the response.
  • Within week company will contact you if they found you eligible for the post.

Age Requirement:

For the corporate jobs they are looking well educated person atleast 18 years old person. If you are applying for the restaurant jobs then you must be atleast 16 years old.

Hours To Work:

As company has established their restaurants at different location so they hours of operation may be fluctuate. So every location has its own opening and closing timings.

Employee Benefits:

As every company favor its workforce by giving them employee benefits as this company is also providing the huge set of benefits to their employees and their employees feel proud to be a part of this company. Regular and permanent employees are getting all benefits services like health benefits, life insurance and retirement plans.

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