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This company has been around for almost a century, supplying customers with electronics, phones, and similar media devices. The business has an interesting history, starting as a supplier to people aboard ships. Another business that originally started by selling leather goods ended up acquiring Radio Shack, which was when it turned its focus to consumer electronics. It has been a “first” in many categories, being one of the first retailers to offer people mobile phones, and even today being a pioneer by continuing to offer people innovative products and opportunities. There are almost 35,000 employees, slightly shy of 5,000 company operated stores with additional wireless centers and outlet fronts. The company focuses on maintaining its ability to meet customers’ needs and ensuring that shoppers leave satisfied and happy.

Working At This Company:

The company is always looking for motivated, enthusiastic individuals to join the team and contribute to what makes the business so great. People they are in particular need of are those who are retail-oriented, educated on consumer electronics products, have a skill for customer service, and are looking to make a career out of this job opportunity. For more information go to following link. Also check out this site to seek out details on employment.

The Job Hunt:

Find job at refer link you can always check out a job fair, or you can search for retail positions in stores, opportunities with the home offices, of positions that center on distribution and manufacturing.

For store positions you could be anything from a sales associate to a manager at the district level.

In corporate you could do anything from being an administrator to a technician.

At a distribution center you work in any area from purchasing to quality assurance.

  • Click through by selecting your job category and desired position.
  • When you have read the description, select “Click here to see opportunities in your area.”
  • You have select language and functional area to search the jobs.
  • Select the location(s) you are interested in and hit NEXT. Then choose the particular position you want and hit PROCEED TO REGISTRATION.
  • A new window will open that will walk you through the process to completing the rest of your application.
  • Or can directly approach the login to submit your application or create new account to do as.
  • Someone will contact you if a match is made between your application and an opening within employment.

Age Requirement:

You must be able to show legal proof of your ability to work within the United States. Radio Shack typically hires associates 18 and over. You may also have to meet requirements outside of age, such as minimum education or years of experience.

Store Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM.

Hours may vary slightly based on location and may have special restrictions on certain holidays. Call your nearest store to get the most accurate schedule possible.

Benefits Of Working:

As with any position you will be paid for your time and dedication. Some jobs are hourly and others are salaried, but either way you will be compensated regularly. Some positions, particularly those for full time employees, come with benefits packages that may include features like health insurance or paid time off. You may also benefit from product discounts and deals. You will be able to take advantage of more and more perks and bonuses as you move up in the company – and there is definitely opportunity for advancement!

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