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Tilly’s is a specialty retailer that offers apparel, shoes, and accessory items that relate to action sports. Particularly popular sports for fashion purposes are surfing, motocross, and skateboarding. The first store opened in the 1980s in California, and the store draws many of its inspirations from the lifestyle and atmosphere in that part of the United States. There are now more than one hundred eighty stores in over 30 different states. The company is constantly staying up to date with the latest trends and popular brands and offers a wide variety of merchandise. The atmosphere of stores is distinctive, emanating a vibe that is both fun and imaginative.

Applying For A Job:

If you are looking for work and enjoy talking to customers, selling merchandise, and have a fashion sense geared towards an active sports lifestyle, than working for Tilly’s may be in your future! The company offers positions in many different categories and that will fit many diverse peoples’ interests and talents.

  • Start the application process by going to visit this site. Scroll past the online retail information on the first part of the page and go to the bottom where you will see the link to “Jobs,” in between “About Us” and “Terms of Use.”
  • On the home page of the jobs section you can read more about where stores are located and what kind of jobs are available. On the left hand side you will see categories that allow you to view more information about retail, corporate, and distribution center careers. Click on any of the links that interest you.
  • If you select “corporate,” you will be taken to the job site, where you can browse the options, view responsibilities and requirements, and apply. You will need to log into or create a account before you can fill out and submit an online application for review.
  • If you click on “distribution center” you can view the available positions and where they are located (corporate and distribution jobs are all in California). View the responsibilities and if you think it is a good fit, fax your resume to the number listed.
  • If you click on “retail,” you can also see where jobs are available (organized by state) and the types of positions. Positions include assistant manager, visual merchandiser, and co-manager. Read over the responsibilities and fax your resume to the number listed if you think it is a good match.
  • If you want to apply as a store associate, print out the application through the link on the left side of the screen and take it into a nearby location to give to a manager.

Age Requirements:

In most cases you need to be 18 or older to apply for work, but the requirements vary based on the position. If you plan to apply as a minor, make sure you can provide proof of your ability to work in your state.

Store Hours Of Operation:

Store hours vary by location and depending on whether or not it is a free-standing store or a retailer within a shopping mall. Typical hours are generally 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sunday.

Get Call:

You may have to participate in one or more interviews before you are officially hired. You can also indicate that you are interested in more than one position if you think it will increase your chances of being hired. Good luck!

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