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Clerks play an important role for completing the tasks which are offered on daily basis for the crew members at these restaurant outlets. The interested candidates have to submit a printed and filled application form at the outlet where they want to work and go through an interviewing procedure.

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Duties of a Big Lots Clerk:

Some of the responsibilities that are assigned to the clerk working at Big Lots are mentioned as under:

  1. Unloading the trucks and other delivered goods from the vehicles and stock these items in the shelves.
  2. Duties related to stocking of different items in the shelves involve setting the items at different levels and closely observing whether all the items are well set or not.
  3. Clerks may also be responsible for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in the store.
  4. In order to make sure that the entire store is clean and has organized setting, clerks may also keep the inventory in a proper and well defined manner.
  5. In some cases, the clerks must be able to lift loads of 25 pounds or more.
  6. In addition to the above mentioned duties, the clerks must be able to offer assistance to all the customers and handle their complaints.
  7. The clerks must have basic knowledge about the products so that customers may get answers related to all these questions.

Details Related To Salary Packages And Other Benefits:

A clerk gets salary package which ranges from $9.00 to $10.00 per unit hour. This company raises the amount per unit hour after gaining experience from this company. The amount may increase up to $14.00 or even more than that. Some of the additional benefits that are offered to the clerks working at this company are mentioned as under:

  1. Medical and health care facilities
  2. Dental and vision facilities from Big Lots
  3. Basic retirement plan registration
  4. Getting the tasks scheduled according to the employee’s own will
  5. Paid training facility for all the employees

Interview Of A Clerk Working At Big Lots:

  1. How is the working space at the outlet where you perform different tasks during your working hours?

Answer: I generally complete my own tasks and cover my part of work. The working environment is nice and everyone works their own parts as well. Nothing goes wrong if all the workers work efficiently and perform all the tasks that they are required to complete.

  1. What is the best thing about work experience at this company?

Answer: This job required me to work quickly and that is why I liked the part that it was easy. I just had to ticket all the items and unload all the items from vehicles.

  1. How did you go through the hiring procedure?

Answer: I walked in to the outlet where I wanted to work and filled an application form. I was asked whether I had any interest in this job. I agreed on their terms of pay and was hired.