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Burger King hires team leaders by offering the job opportunities on its official web portal. The interested job seekers can apply for the team leader job opening using two different platforms which are:

  1. Online careers platform of Burger King
  2. Hard copy of the application form which can be submitted at the nearest Burger King outlet

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Duties And Responsibilities As A Team Leader:

Some of the duties and responsibilities which are handed over to the team leaders are given in the bullet points mentioned below:

  1. Team leader is responsible for the motivation of other team members in order to make them productive and improve their performance
  2. Supervision of the staff members who are hired at lower level jobs and coordination of the team members with each other as well as with higher authorities.
  3. Recruiting the candidates in order to hire them at different posts and training them in order to perform different tasks while their appointment.
  4. In addition to these responsibilities, team leaders are also responsible for managing the team and greeting all the customers in an excellent manner. It is important to maintain a good image among the customers and providing them with excellent food products.
  5. They are also responsible for tracking different inventory material and maintaining the stock and storage areas in order to keep everything clean and operational.

Details Of The Salary Packages And Extra Facilities:

The team leaders, hired at Burger King, are given an hourly salary of $9.00. The pay generally increases with an increase in the level of experience. This pay exceeds to $10.00 to $11.00. In addition to this pay, team members are also offered a number of benefits such as:

  1. Discount offers and free food items on Burger King meals
  2. Free uniforms and other complimentary items
  3. Making a schedule that compliments the timings of the employees
  4. Plans related to retirement and getting off timings
  5. Medical and health care plans for the employees

The team leaders can work as a full time worker or a part time worker depending upon the availability of timings on which they can work.

Job Interview Of A Team Leader:

  1. What are your job title and your duties during working hours?

Answer: I work as a team leader and I handle a number of responsibilities in order to handle different team members. some of the team members are assistant manager, manager and many other team members.

  1. How was the overall working setup in which you are working?

Answer: The setup works fine for me. Team members are very cooperative and help me out during tough times. Most of the people coordinate and help each other out in order to complete the tasks assigned to the team.

  1. What is your best experience as a team leader while working here at Burger King?

Answer: The experience of being the team leader feels kind of good because it brings authoritative recognition to us.