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Office Manager is the person who is responsible for the management of the whole office work. The job of office manager is important as the entire working is maintained by the office manager. Prior to moving towards the sample of resume for Office Manger let’s have a look at the basic responsibilities and the skills for this position. An office manager plays important role in the office administration and he is accountable for carrying out many important tasks such as managing office processes, ensuring coordination of all departments, transactions and much more.

How To Write The Resume Of Office Manager?

Resume of the Office Manager needs to include these basic points with description:

  1. Full Name
  2. Full Address
  3. Contact number
  4. Email address.
  5. Objective
  6. Skills and proficiency
  7. Professional Experience
  8. Qualification
  9. Personal Information

Points To Remember While Applying For Office Manager Job Position

  • Office Manager Objective Statement:

The target proclamation is thought to be the substance of your resume. Subsequently, you should guarantee that it plays its appeal and interests the selection representative. Since the position needs somebody well experience and expert, you should attempt and draft a target proclamation that spreads up your experience alongside your proficiency.

  • Abilities And Proficiencies:

When it comes to incorporating aptitudes in the resume, hopefuls wind up saying senseless things that don’t relate with the workplace administrator work profile. Along these lines, one must incorporate just those aptitudes and proficiencies that are nearly connected with this profile. The candidate should likewise make utilization of some force watchwords inside the business to make the business acknowledge about your insight.

  • Proficient Experience:

This is a standout amongst the most vital areas in an office administrator resume. Since the qualification of a suitable hopeful totally relies on the experience of the candidate, one should shrewdly draft this area. The expert experience area in your resume must incorporate occupation profile, organization name, year and obligations of your current and earlier bosses.

  • Qualifications:

Your resume stays fragmented without appropriate insights about your instructive capabilities. So guarantee to incorporate itemized data about your capabilities incorporating your degree with specialization, college you considered in and the year of passing.

The above four focuses are the most key variables to recollect while composing your office administrator resume. Aside from the resume, you should likewise draft a similarly decent office manager cover letter which will make a constructive persona of you before the employer. You can check the given resume to get an idea how to compose yours.

Basic Skills And Expertise For Office Manager:

Being an office manager one should have skills and expertise that would help him in order to perform his job efficiently. Following are skill requirements for this post: Capable verbal and composed relational abilities

  • Brilliant examining and arranging capacities
  • Information about records and accounting
  • Gifted in creating spending plans
  • Solid managerial aptitudes
  • Viable multi-tasking capacities
  • Ability in arranging, organizing and sorting out the work process
  • PC programming and equipment utilizing capacities

Job Description Of Office Manager:

The job description of Office Manger vary from organization to organization but the generally the job of office manager includes followings:

  • Managing the office administration.
  • Co-coordinating with clerical staff of organization.
  • Organizing the data and book keeping of office work.
  • Make budgets and then implement it.
  • Work with HR department and hire the employees within estimated budget.
  • Work with accounting team and manage transactions.
  • Coordinate with other departments.
  • Organizing and calculating the office space.
  • Arranging the office parties.
  • Developing and introducing policies and rules and regulation if there is some amendment.


 Resume Sample Of Office Manager

                                                                                   Adam Levine

4001 street, hills town, IL 50671



Office Manager with 5+ years of expert involvement with multi-national organizations looking for an occupation in an association where my remarkable managerial and multi-tasking abilities will be put to use for a productive office environment

Skills And Proficiencies:

  • Brilliant verbal and composed relational abilities
  • Demonstrated managerial aptitudes with proficient arranging capacities
  • Solid investigative abilities and skill in arranging, organizing and sorting out the work process
  • Involvement in taking care of records, creating spending plans and accounting
  • Brilliant multi-tasking capacities and gifted in time administration
  • Demonstrated Critical Thinking Abilities

Proficient Experience:

Office Manager

Red Media, Downers Grove, IL 9373.

2010 – Present


  • Creating arrangements, tenets and controls and guaranteeing they are taken after
  • Arranging office strategies and organizing distinctive divisions
  • Dealing with the administrative staff and sorting out their obligations
  • Creating office spending plans and enhancing costs wherever crucial
  • Arranging, sorting out and controlling the whole office organization
  • Perform accounting forms and sort out the capacity of information

Educational Qualification:

  • Single guy in Business Administration, University of IL – 2008

Personal Information:

  • Name: Adam Levine
  • Date of Birth: January 5, 1986
  • Sex: Male
  • Conjugal Status: Single
  • Nationality: American


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