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Ross Store Customers might know them with the name “Ross Dress For Less” and also with another “dd’s Discounts”. Ross stores are America’s famous clothing retailing stores that are selling fashionable and stylish dresses on very low cost. Company is operating more than 1,200 stores at different location in America. Customers are loving their dresses and their reasonable price tags with quality services. The secret behind their successful store and quality service is actually their workforce who is continuously working hard to provide best services to the customers. Working with Ross Company will be amazing experiences for those who are looking for new jobs to the place where they can achieve in the professional career.

Why Work With Ross?

Company is hiring and retaining good talent in retailing business and giving chance to those people who are ready to roll up their sleeves in the world’s fast growing retailing company. Ross only requires your talent, skills and flexibility to give you chance to get a growing environment.

Choose Your Career Areas:

Ross giving your flexibility and diversity to choose your desire career area. Before applying here you can choose the right career area to get job position.

  • Retail & Store Jobs
  • Buying And Planning Jobs
  • Supply Chain Jobs
  • corporate jobs
  • Retails Store Management

How To Apply Online?

For applying online for the available jobs here you can follow these steps to submit your job application.

  • Use this link and get the page where you can find jobs.
  • Scroll down the page and find the heading “Search Option” to enter your job requirement, or you can choose the career area to find the relevant area jobs.
  • To search enter job keyword, zip code and mile in the boxes and click the button “Search.
  • You can enter the requisite number to search the job by pressing the button “Search”
  • Next you can see the job list for applying and click on the link of any job for that you are interested.
  • As you will click on the link, get a page where you can read all relevant information about the job in detail. You can read all about the job criteria like your qualification, skills and experience required.
  • After reading this click on the button “Apply Now” and find more details on the page and to submit your Resume click on the button “Apply To Job”.
  • Enter your email address and password and click on the button “Continue”
  • Next submit your resume and press the button “Submit”.

Application Process:

You will get your interview call after 2 week and you will be informed about the interview date and other details.

Important Interview Questions:

For Ross stores interview you should be prepared for some complicated questions that interview will ask you. Learn these questions and prepared their answers with confidence.

  1. Have you ever shopped at Ross stores?
  2. Tell us about your availability.
  3. Why you want to work at sales department
  4. What is your career goal?
  5. Are you happy with our salary offer?
  6. How you will inform company for your emergency leaves?
  7. What would be your reaction on critical feedback from customer.
  8. What your top 3 strengths?
  9. Three qualities of customer service represent?
  10. Have you ever quit any project in past?

Salaries Review:

Ross Stores is paying competitive pays and other benefits that can make employee satisfied. Here you can review salary annual report to get idea about the wages here.

Job Post Annual Salaries
Retail Sales Associate $20,000 
Customer Service Representative $20,000 
Front End Manager $19,000
Area Supervisor $24,900 
Cashier $20,000
Stocking Associate $15,000
Assistant Store Manager $41,000

Employee Benefits:

If you are going to work at Ross then you will be happy to see that you will be awarded with some benefits with your services. You can see here employee benefits that company is providing you.

  • Employee Discount: All workers who are working at this company will get discount for their every order. Even their families can shop at special discount.
  • Job Training: Company is providing video training service by giving DVD to the workers to understand their duties.
  • Paid Holidays: Employee can get paid holidays for any kind of emergency or for any personal work.