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At Staples everybody is getting an opportunity to do their best work with obligation to achieve excellence. We esteem the straightforwardness, frankness and creativity of employees. On the off chance that you are interested to work at Staples then you need to review all positions by going through its official career portal twice in week and check all positions. Staples is considered as one of the best client engaged and fast paced work environment. In order to get a positon here you have to submit your employment application online by selecting occupation of your interest and apply for it on the website by following given below instructions

How To Find Job Online At Staples?

Step By Step Instructions:

You need to follow stated below steps of guides to apply for job.

  1. First of all you have to open website of Staples on stated URL link
  2. Paste this URL into address bar of your browser in order to access website.
  3. After accessing home page you need to click on button which is labeled as “Search for job” located at right corner of web page.
  4. You will be redirected to another webpage where you will find number of options.
  5. Enter Keyword of job in marked field this will specify the nature of your job.
  6. Enter job number in another marked field you can get this job number from advertisement of job.
  7. Select core area of your department through drop down menu which is located under the head of “Functions”
  8. Select your location from drop down list and click on button of “Search”
  9. You will be taken to another window where you will find number of available jobs that matches with your keyword search.
  10. Now view all jobs one by one in order to find your dream job. Once you have selected the job hit a click on it and read complete description of job with great attention.
  11. If you find it suitable for yourself hit a click on button of “Apply Now” located at the top of web page.
  12. After that you have to sign in to your account by adding official User id and password in marked fields.
  13. If you are a new member then you have to register yourself before submitting your job application

Important Interview Questions

At the moment when you have been selected for interview now what you need to do is start preparing for your interview by reviewing given below important questions. These questions will help you out to prepare for interview.

  1. Tell me something about yourself
  2. How you would handle complex situation at workplace?
  3. Are you having any technical background?
  4. Talk about the time when you have commit a mistake and it was actually very difficult to handle?
  5. Tell us about the situation you when you helped your customer by going beyond your limits?
  6. How would your previous experience help you to stay in this company?
  7. Name the time when you had gain positive experience from customer service?
  8. What do you want to work at staples?
  9. Name the situation where services you were providing was not up to standard and what was the reaction of your boss?
  10. Describe all those things which are not stated in your resume?
  11. In which type of technology you are interested?
  12. From where do you come to know about this vacancy?
  13. Why do you think you are a deserving candidates than other prove it?
  14. Name the time when you were not supposed to achieve your goal?
  15. Tell us something about your past experiences?
  16. Where do you see yourself after five years?
  17. What are your expectations of salary?
  18. Anything which you want to know from us?

Salaries Reviews:

The average Annual salary of staples ranges from $15,000 for the post of senior Technician and $250,000 annually the post of promotional Manager. For more details of salary you are requested to read given below Graph of salaries.

Title of job Salary
Retail Sales Associate $20,000 per year
Outside Sales $59,580 per year
Copy Center Associate $21,000 per year
Customer Service Representative $25,000 per year
Technician $23,878 per year
General Manager $66,000 per year
Team Supervisor $23,040 per year
Cashier $16,640 per year
Operations Manager $45,000 per year
Sales Manager $43,000 per year
Delivery Driver $39,349 per year
Supervisor $28,000 per year
Associate $26,000 per year
Office Assistant $16,640 per year
Sales and Service $43,150 per year
Assistant Manager $40,000 per year
Account Manager $50,000 per year
Inventory Specialist $23,000 per year
Customer Service Associate / Cashier $18,000 per year
Cashier/Sales $19,000 per year

 Employee Benefits:

Besides Salary Staples is providing number of benefits to their employees such as

  1. 401K Plan
  2. Dependent Care
  3. Sick Leaves
  4. Paid Holidays to employees
  5. Program of Employee Discount
  6. Free Lunch with Snacks
  7. Employee Assistance Program
  8. Commuter Checks & Assistance
  9. Pet Friendly Environment
  10. Mobile Phone Discount
  11. Company Social Events

Company Reviews:

Staples is providing great opportunity of employment through its career portal it offers various jobs to fresh and experienced candidates and shortlist candidates purely on their qualification and experience. Management of Staples is quite strong, dealing their employees with a positive attitude which enhance loyalty factor among employees. Comprehensive benefits are offered by company to employees with attractive packages of salary.