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Everyday everyone goes to work and intending to two things first to start your working day with a yummy coffee mug and second to do something innovative to make this world better. So, coffee has an important place in everyone’s life who wants to be energetic whole to perform duties. Starbuck is famous coffee bar that is famous in worldwide customers. They are purchasing high quality whole bean coffee to provide unique and yummy coffee to its customers. Company is just not only passionate towards providing best coffee service but they are also giving rewarded other delicious products like teas, pastries, and ice cream.

Well it’s not strange to see people are going to Starbucks to chat or to meet with friends and family to enjoy coffee together. Customers from all over the world where company has established its coffee bars are getting best and quality service. The secret behind its continuing best service is its workforce. They know the value of its team who is devoting its time and talent in the welfare of the company and bringing improvement day by day. Starbucks is always feeling happy to hire new talents and energetic workers to work with them, they believe that new energy always helps to increase the enthusiasm of the whole team.

Why To Work With Starbucks?

By Joining Starbucks Team does not mean that you are working here just to earn money but you can earn other things to that you can’t find anywhere else. The responsibilities here will help you to grow as a person and in your professional life as well. They believe to create a culture by supporting diversity and inclusion with values and respect. Company wants to create diversified Team to give tough competitions to other companies and to shape the main aim of the company. Company is looking for you if you are capable, talented, and have a motivation to work to show your inner skills.

Career Areas:

If you have capability to join Starbucks Team then first choose the right career area that is suitable for you and will help you to grow in your professional career.

  • Retail Careers
  • Corporate Careers
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • College Achievement Plan
  • University Recruiting
  • Current Partners
  • International Careers

How To Apply Online?

To apply online follow these simple steps, to submit your job application.

  • Approach this link to apply here for job. or download application here.
  • You can search job via two methods here. First use the search bar and choose the role in store or role in office and press the button “Search”.
  • Alternative scroll the page and see black background area with heading Starbucks Career Center and find the career areas
  • You can click on the career area and can find the hot jobs that are available to apply.
  • See the results and click on the job link to read the job descriptions with all requirements.
  • After reading carefully if you want to apply then click on the button “Choose the location”.
  • Enter your state, city and zip code to get the store location where the job is available.
  • You can see the location and you can click on the link to get the address to go to the store to submit your application to the store manager.

Application Process:

Company manager will call you within two days for interview. You have to bring your all document with you for the interview.

Important Interview Questions:

See these important interview Questions that usually Starbucks interview ask from the candidates. There are top ten questions that will help you in preparing your interview. You have to be confident while answering them.

  1. Why you want to work with us?
  2. Any hardest problem that you faced in your life? How did you handle this situation?
  3. Where do you see yourself after five years in your professional life?
  4. Any trick that you would use to handle the angry customers.
  5. Have you ever experienced any bad feedback call by the customer? How did you handle the customer?
  6. Are you working anywhere else right now?
  7. Any idea about our College Achievement Plan?
  8. Have you done research on Starbuck Company before applying?
  9. What motivate your to work with us?
  10. Why did you choose this profession?

Salaries Review:

Starbucks is providing average every year to average post is approximately $15000. It is paying about $190,000 /yr to its project manager and having good salary scales for its office posts and as well as they are giving rightful pays to store employees but here you can see the annual salary table below:

Job Post Annual Salaries
Shift Supervisor $23,000
Store Manager $47,500
Supervisor $35,875
Customer Service Representative $20,000
Assistance Manager $35,000
General Manager $50,000
District Manager $80,000

Employee’s Benefits:

Every Company gives benefits and advantages to its employees to give them chance to improve their lives. Starbuck is giving best benefits service with securing their future after retirement

  • Discount For Employee: All Starbuck employees can enjoy 30% discount on all products.
  • 401K Retirement Plan: They are providing 10% up best retirement plan from its competitor.
  • Health Insurance: They providing cheap and affordable health coverage plan.