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PacSun is the American brand of retail clothing which are based on the culture the entire youth follows and the lifestyle of California. The designs for all the attire, footwear and accessories have been made according to the requirements of the youth. Head Quarter of PacSun is located in Anaheim, California while the brand has over 800 stores which have been operating in all 50 states. 9000 employees so far have been serving the company.

PacSun is offering jobs at the stores which are of two kinds, retail jobs and corporate jobs. Anyone can apply for these jobs according to the qualification by simply visiting the website of PacSun which and following its career portal to see at what positions and locations jobs are available. Jobs can be search there either by entering keywords or kind of position you are looking for. The categories in which jobs at PacSun are available are Sakes Associate, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, District Manager and Regional Director.

After applying for the job, an interview would be conducted, Company appreciates all the candidates who apply for the job and call for the interview within few days. IF the job applicants are many in number, then you may not be called earlier but you remain in the company’s data and they will call you some other. You can check the status of your application by calling at the company’s number if you do not get a call for the interview.

Important Tips for the Interview:

  • During the interview you should take care of your dress which should be nice and business casual.
  • Never be late for the interview as it would create a negative image of you to be a careless person.
  • You must give respect to the interviewer and your attitude should be energetic. Active applicants are attracted more to the interviewers as they are always looking for those persons who like to talk to the people and helping them. This particular quality of a person is useful to make the relationship of the company with its customers and increase the number of customers as well through word of mouth.
  • Along with a good behavior, your answers to the questions must be clear and to the point. Do not give vague answers of simple questions which would made the interviewer bored and may consider you as an unattractive personality.

Interview Type:

Entry level job applicants like sales associate may have only a single interview taken by just one person while those positions which require experienced persons may have to give more than one interviews or a group interview is mostly conducted for them. Interview questions might be related to yourself, your education, work experience, your own personality and your hobbies etc. a little knowledge about the clothing and footwear and the sizes and demands of the customers in this particular field may help you to get the job easily over the other applicants.

Important Questions for the Interview:

During the interview for the job at PacSun, few questions are mostly asked which are related to you and your experience. These questions are;

  • Why do you want to work for PacSun?
  • Why should you be preferred over others for this job?
  • Share your past experience with customers
  • Are you comfortable talking to them?
  • How did you manage to deal with the customers who did not talk wel?
  • What do you know about PacSun clothes and footwear?
  • Do you like to wear them?
  • What kind of animal you like to be?
  • Would you be able to guide the customers shopping at PacSun? How?
  • Does any of your relatives or friends work at PacSun?
  • How will you justify yourself as a reliable person?
  • Do you see your career building at PacSun?