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Target is a well-known American retail industry which is having a strong influence in market due to its one hundred years of experience in this business. Target is considered as second largest discount retailer of United States. Its Head office is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and United States and it was founded by George Dayton in 1902. Currently, Target is providing its quality services in moreover 1700 different location. Company has also planned to launch some new ideas to expand their business in market of Canada with over one hundred new locations.

Target Career Opportunities

Target is providing a platform for job-seekers where they can search and apply for hourly available positions in different stores and distribution centers of company. At Target, your career will not only grow but your skills and expertise will take you to new directions. Explore your career areas to learn more and gain experience. Target is providing excellent job opportunities for both college going students and experienced people. If you are interested in working at Target then you can go to Target career website and apply for your job online through online application system. Before you apply for job you must have to go for a quick search which will help you to find out your dream positions among different departments of jobs. Once you have got desired job apply for it but make sure you must have profile account on career portal.

Explore Your Career

There are various available job post for different departments, choose any department according to your interest with relevant job to build your career with target.

  • Target protection Specialist
  • Human Resource Team Leader
  • Cashier Team Member
  • Sales Floor Team Member
  • Food Service Team Member
  • Cart Attendant Team Member

How to apply for Job at Target?

You must have following things in hand before starting applying at Target.

  1. You are required to have a computer or laptop
  2. You must have reliable internet connection
  3. Keep your Resume in hand
  4. You should have an account on career portal of Target

Step By Step Instructions:

You are supposed to follow given below instructions to find job online.

  1. First of all you have to turn on your system and open web browser to input URL address of Target career in address bar in order to access website.
  2. Link of website is given here
  3. In next step you have to input the keyword of job in marked field located on left side of web page else select your department from given list of options cited on right side of web page.
  4. You will be redirected to another webpage where you will find couple of available jobs. Now you have to check all those positions one by one and select any one which suits you well. Hit a click on selected job.
  5. Read complete description and required qualification of job. If you fall under its eligibility criteria then click on button of “Apply Now” located at the bottom of web page.
  6. You have to sign in to your profile in order to submit your application form.
  7. If you are not having any account before then you have to register first.
  8. For registration follow on screen instructions to finish the process of enrollment and submit job application online.

Important Interview Questions

After getting an interview call one must start preparing for his or her interview test. Some questions are given below which will help you out to make preparation.

  1. Tell us about yourself?
  2. Describe a situation in which you disagreed with anyone and how you handled it?
  3. Why do you want to work at Target?
  4. What are your strengths and weakness?
  5. Do you know anything about Target Red card?
  6. How would you sell a Target Red Card to customers?
  7. Give me an example when you were added into role of leadership?
  8. Why do you want to work at Target?
  9. Are you a team player?
  10. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  11. What do you do if you spot a shoplifter?
  12. Tell us about something which is not mentioned in your resume?
  13. Tell me about time when you stood up for yourself in stressful situation?
  14. Do you have any experience in customer handling?
  15. What are your goals?
  16. What was the nature of job?
  17. Why you have left your previous job?
  18. What are your salary expectations?

Salaries of Target

The average salaries of Target ranges from $15000 annually for customer service associate and cashier to $200000 per year for Group Manager. Hourly Target pay from $7.50 for the post of switch board operator to $62 per hour for pharmacist. It matter a lot for any candidate to know about salary before applying for any job. Target is a one of the leading company which is providing best salary packages with other benefits. Some of available posts and their salaries are given below

Job Titles Annually Salaries
Retail Sales Associates $20,000
Team Leader $54,113
Guest Relation $24,000
Cashier $18,000
Merchandise Flow Team Member $19,000
Customer Service Representative $20,000
Backroom Associates $20,000
Cashier $18,000
Warehouse Worker $36,000
Stocker $20,000
Logistics $18,000
Asset Protection Associate $52,000


Besides salary company is also providing various affordable and high quality health care services to team members with other bonuses based on performance and positions of employee. Few benefits are stated below.

  1. Employees would be given discounts offers on shopping.
  2. Company will provide 401K Plan to their workers.
  3. Employees would be entertained with paid Time off and vacation.
  4. Medical and health allowances will be provided to families of team member by company.


Target is providing friendly team environment with great managers and co-workers. One can enhance his or her abilities with good leading culture and flexible scheduling. Employees enjoy working in target with easy jobs and low stress.