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Tropical Smoothie Café offers its customers a number of smoothies and other drinks so that everyone may enjoy these drinks while sitting in a casual environment. The job seekers having interest in pursuing a career at this company can apply for a job at the careers portal by following the steps which are mentioned below:

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  1. Go to the official web page where this company presents its customers the ability to apply for a job opportunity which is below mentioned.
  2. Some of the values and are generally observed by people working at this company are mentioned on this web page along with a summary of each of the value. These values are:
    1. Solid relationships
    2. Creative spirit
    3. Play to win
    4. Live better
  3. To start looking for a job at a specific outlet of Tropical Smoothie, enter the postal code or name of the location in the space bar having a title “Café locator”.
  4. Click the search button to enter this information and view a list of current job openings.
  5. All the jobs are displayed along with job title, location, timings on which the worker has to work and a contact number on which you can call for getting more information.
  6. Click the button given under the job title which is “Apply now”. For submitting this application, you have to enter your complete name, contact number, Email ID and timings for which you are available on daily basis.
  7. Also enter your expected hourly salary in the given space bar.
  8. Specify by entering the text in comment box whether you are looking for a new job or already have one.
  9. Also enter the details of your last job and your way of communication with customers.
  10. Click the “Submit form” button to enter these details in the database of the company and have a chance of getting the job.

In addition to the job application procedure, this website also presents short summaries related to the experiences of different job position holders under the current vacancies option. You can also view more options under other links on this website such as:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Catering
  3. Franchising

Each of the options is given along with a link to learn more about these topics. You can also go to the gift cards option for getting these cards for yourself by clicking the respective option at the bottom of this web page. You can also view the menu items on this website by selecting the respective option from the main menu on this website. This page presents different options in its menu such as:

  1. Fresh food
  2. Fresh smoothies
  3. Nutrition
  4. Catering
  5. Club tropical

This website also presents a privacy policy in the link given under “Follow us on” title where you can view all the details related to security settings of the company. These settings enable the users to enter their personal data while submitting the application online.

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