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USPS stands for United States Postal Service and it was established in 1775 in Pennsylvania. It’s headquartered is in Washington DC, It is basically a sovereign agency which is providing postal services all over the country, earning $70 billion annually.

USPS Career Opportunities

If you are a job seeker and looking for a platform to foster your career and fulfill commitments of your family then United States Postal Service is the right place for you, as it is providing complete road map for your plans to put them into reality. They are providing a facility to their workers to customize their work schedule by selecting their working hours, responsibilities and salary package. They are letting you to find part time, full time, day time, night time and even shifts based jobs online. Working with United States Postal Service would never be a bad idea because it is providing various training and leadership programs which will assist employees to fulfill their dreams. Candidates can apply for job by submitting their application online or by dropping job application and resume to nearby store of USPS. Company will take some time to review all applications and choose right employee for right post. Company will inform the application about interview through mail or Phone call. This whole process usually takes time of 2 to 3 weeks.

Foster Your Career With Stated Positions:

Few current available jobs are listed below which an applicant can choose for his or her career at this company according to their interest.

  • Branch Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Mail handler Assistant
  • Senior Maintenance Mechanic
  • Digital Content Assistant
  • Capital Accountant
  • Creative Production Assistant

How Can You Apply For Jobs At USPS?

Before starting the process, you are required to have following things in hand

  1. You must have a personal computer or laptop with internet connection available on devices
  2. You are required to have a valid Email ID along with a career profile on USPS

Step by Step Instructions:

You have to follow stated below steps of execution to apply for job online

  1. First of all you have to turn on your computer system and open web browser to input URL address of website.
  2. Link of website is given here
  3. Access home page of website, you will find different sections of information regarding compensations, benefits, workplace, culture and career Development.
  4. You are supposed to hit a click on button which is labeled as “Go” in particular section to view relevant information.
  5. In next step you have to find option of “Search Jobs and Apply online” once you have got the option click on it to proceed further.
  6. Now, you have to input keyword of your dream job in given area and enter name of your location with function area of work.
  7. You have to add some other information such as name of your city, zip code etc. and click on button of “Start”
  8. This click will redirect you to another web page where you will find list of opening jobs, you have to select any position which suits you best in all terms.
  9. Before applying for job you have to read all specification and terms and conditions of job.
  10. In last step you have to log in to your e-profile to submit your job application online.
  11. This is how you can apply for multiple jobs at the same time. For more help you can visit FAQ web page.

Important Interview Questions

If you have got interview letter then start preparing for your interview to win this race. Here some questions are given which will help you in preparation of interview.

  • Have you had job requiring you to work outside?
  • Do you think that you are a detailed oriented person?
  • Does it bother you to travel for work?
  • Are you ok with long working hours?
  • Do you have any customer experience?
  • Have you been arrested in any stage of life?
  • What would be your approach to handle irritated customers?
  • What are your strengthens and weakness?
  • Where do you see yourself after 5-10 years?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What was the best remarks which you got from your last boss?
  • Why you have left your previous job?
  • What was the nature of job?
  • What are your achievements in history?
  • What are your salary expectations?

USPS Salary Graph:

Every Applicant wants to know about salary in return of services. United States Postal Service is a leading company which is providing best salary packages against every post. Some of the salary estimations are given below

Title of Jobs Annual Earnings
City Letter Cashier $58,346 
Customer Service representative (CSR) $20,043 
Cashier $19,000 
Mail Carrier $53,902 
Customer Service Associate $20,200 
Department Manager $24,501 
Financial Associate $63,838
Network Specialist $70,000
Associate $66,241
Postal Support Associate $31,000
Rural Associate $28,882
Tractor Trailer Driver $39,303


USPS is providing various benefits to employees with an aim to provide all facilities and compensations to workers to improve their living standards. When you are working with USPS then it’s totally their responsibility to think about your problems, plans and incentives to give you a better life style. They are providing various remunerations to employees, few are listed below.

  1. USPS is providing vacations and paid time off to their employees.
  2. Sick Leaves are given to the employees.
  3. Health Insurance is provided by Company
  4. Job Security is also provided to employees.
  5. Assistance and Training job programs.

All these remunerations are accompanied with salary package to make a good plan of compensation for employee to work for USPS.


USPS is considered as best place for working where you can enhance your expertise and skill through its fast growing environment of working. You will also find various allowances and bonuses along with salary to boost your passion. In beginning hard work is required but when you get used to it as time goes by, it will become fun doing so.