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Walmart presents a courtesy associate job opening for the job seekers so that they may apply for the job openings and be a part of the team of staff members at Walmart. Some of the experiences which are faced by the employees hired at this position are given as under:

Application Procedure:

You can apply for this position using the online careers portal which is available on the official website. You can also apply by sending a physical post to the nearest Walmart outlet where this job is offered. The interviewing and short listing procedure starts one week after submitting the application.

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Hiring Procedure:

There are two steps in which the hiring procedure takes place. These two steps are:

  1. Assessment test
  2. Interviewing process

Assessment Test:

In order to hire the candidates for this position, the recruitment team first offers an assessment. In this assessment, a number of questions are asked such as:

  1. Technical aspects related to this job
  2. Logical skills of the candidates
  3. Analytical skills and other sections in which questions can be asked.

Note that this assessment paper is provided for a specific amount of time in which the applicants have to submit this test.

Interviewing Process:

Usually the applicants go through 3 interviewing processes before getting hired. These interviews are meant to target the candidates’ ability to answer questions related to technical as well as analytical and communication skills.

  1. The first two interviews target different questions related to the communication skills of the candidates. They are also asked about their experience as problem solving skills and the steps which were used in order to solve that problem.
  2. In these interviews, candidates are also asked for accomplishing small challenges that are offered during the interviewing process.
  3. The first two interviews last for about 15 to 20 minutes each and have about 5 to 10 questions.
  4. The third interviewing process starts one week after the first two interviewing processes. In this interview, candidates are asked a few informal questions and are hired after completion of the paper work.

Medical Procedures:

Before hiring the candidate and start of the candidate’s career as a part of the Walmart team, the candidate has to complete a medical testing procedure in order to ensure that he is physically fit for performing the duties and tasks assigned to him. This test consists of drug screening process as well.

Training As A Courtesy Associate:

After the candidate gets hired, they are trained to use the electrical appliances. They are handed over the responsibility of performing all the tasks assigned to courtesy associates and use the electrical devices which are needed during this job. The employees are responsible for the completion of learning modules which are divided into tasks of 25 minutes.

Note that this procedure is made easier in case if Walmart needs employees on urgent basis. The working environment in this company is defined by its experienced employees as friendly and the team members cooperate with each other for the completion of challenges.