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Do you want to work at whole food market? If you want to experience by working here then you can join Whole Foods Company to get opportunity. Company is attracting people who are capable and passionate for great food. People who want to serve people with quality food to give them best food treat. Whole Foods is responsible to provide fresh and best quality food to the communities. Only those who are passionate and want to mold this passion into this workplace can work here.

Why To Work With Them?

If you are finding a job at a place where you can input your ideas to result good then you can join Whole Foods Team. Company claims that only their team is a secret behind its continuous successful story. You can achieve the best working environment here and can learn how to grow your career here with better skills.

Explore Career Areas:

You can select your desire career here by choosing the best job category to work here. It is best for you to work where you find yourself comfortable and to explore your skills.

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Administration
  • Bakery
  • Grocery Service Team
  • Distribution Center

How To Apply?

To apply here for job you can follow this simple method for applying job.

  • Use this link to apply here for job.
  • After that you can see at the right hand side of the page where you can see the links, Click on the link “Find and Apply for jobs” and next on the page click on the country link where you belong or want to do job.
  • Next see the page where you have to enter the keyword, job language, date of post, Requisition Number, distance, location, region, city/state, department, position, level and country.
  • Click on the button “View Jobs” and see the job link and click on the job link to get more details.
  • Read all details about the job and click on the button “Apply” and enter your email address and password to submit your application.
  • After applying wait for application approval.

Application Process:

After submitting your online application you have to wait for the interview call, HR departments of the company take 2 weeks to process all applications and to make call to all eligible candidates.

Important Interview Questions:

After getting call from the company you have to start preparing for your interview. They will ask you about your past job experience, and skills you gained in your professional life. You should be confident while giving them answers and answer then after understanding the whole question. Don’t add additional information, but answer then point to point in convincing way. Here are few questions that will help you in preparing your interview.

  1. Any past working experience in sales?
  2. What is important in dealing with customers?
  3. Why whole foods market? Where did you hear about the job?
  4. Any favorite excel function? Any situation when you took responsibility to take any decision in a project at any point?
  5. What do think how you will handle angry customer?
  6. Pick between business objective and TM
  7. Any conflict with any colleague.
  8. What is basic difference between organic and natural?
  9. Are you team player?
  10. Describe your core values.

Salary Review:

Whole Foods Market is paying best hourly wages that start from approximately $9/hr. for bar workers and for $26/her for salesman. The marketer of the company is taking $15k/yr. for his/her duties.

Job Post Annual Salaries
Team Leader $48,000
Cashier $25,000
Customer Service Representative $25,000
Buyer $30,720
Cashier $24,480
Baker $27,040
Food Preparation Worker $30,000
Produce Associate $29,000
Supervisor $32,000 
Customer Service Team Lead $35,000
Customer Service Supervisor $30,000

Employee Benefits:

Company is paying good salary packages with amazing benefits and incentives by working here. Company is giving these benefits to its all employee. Here are the following benefits

  • Employee can get 30% discount for their shopping here.
  • Company is giving health and life insurance services.
  • Get financial benefits and retirement plan with affordable rates
  • You can get paid holidays from the company.